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control & explore mini-mmo experiment · By droqen

How should i measure DISTANCE?

A topic by droqen created Jun 01, 2016 Views: 218 Replies: 6
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I pretty much have three options here:

  • Keep using taxicab geometry (every node has 4 neighbours, and a 'circle' is a sort of weird diamond shape. easy to program and neighbour overlap is easy to understand!)
  • Switch to a hex grid (every node has 6 neighbours, and visually it's quite pretty -- if difficult to program in css)
  • Stay on a square grid, but include diagonal neighbours (every node has 8 neighbours, and a 'circle' is basically a square. neighbours overlap a lot and this makes it very hard to make 'walls'.)

would a CSS hex grid be that hard? Just push every other row 50% of a cell to the right.


it probably wouldn't be! i just tried and it got on my nerves not being able to make the grid... perfect...

i'll give it a go.


I think the hex grid would probably be the best option as it would look nice and unique while also not overwhelming the player with a lot of neighbors but also not too little amount of neighbors

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hexagon report:

That looks really really nice.

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