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control & explore mini-mmo experiment · By droqen

Intranode Conflicts

A topic by droqen created Jun 01, 2016 Views: 182 Replies: 4
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I want nodes to feel like bigger places! To encourage that, I'd like for multiple players to claim ownership over a node and to be able to fight over its control. I'm not totally sure how to do that.

maybe have nodes cover several adjacent "cells" and certain abilities only work if two or more of the node's cells are under a certain player's control?


Maybe little 2x2 groups of nodes? hmm but right now there's no real notion of who controls something or not. I guess it could be a power-channeling thing?


oh wait i understand what you're saying now!! That sounds neat. Maybe there is some kind of pass codes and knowing more unlocks more capabilities


alright. i'll be implementing & experimenting with node relationships - each node keeps track of how much it "likes" or trusts each adjacent node.

when you jump into a node, it gives you a trust rating based on the node you came from.

naturally, there will be progs that affect these trust ratings! i'm thinking of calling the basic one CHARM, letting you improve your trust rating from afar?