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Great Simulator for low spec PCs, how about some more maps?

A topic by AFPV created Jul 13, 2018 Views: 300 Replies: 5
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Hey great simulator for low end PCs.. I only have a intel GMA and I can use 3 of the tracks with very good frame rates..  (Tower, Meadow, Desert) Unfortunately can't use the other 3 (Island, Playground Carpark), as the frame rates are a bit suspect < 30fps.)

I assume this is still selling well due to it being the only multi-copter simulator to be able to run on inexpensive laptops and old PCs.  In this area it has no competition since all the others are aimed at high end equipment.  There's still plenty of money to be made here.

So how about it, since people are still supporting your product and buying fpv freerider, why not add a few more tracks, or even an editor for low end PCs?


It is a good idea to add some more maps of the kind that runs well even on old/low end hardware. There is one thing that makes it a bit difficult - as you may know FPV Freerider is also available for Android, and there is a file size limit on the Google Play Store. At the moment the file size is at the very limit, it would be hard to squeeze in more maps without some extensive changes. But I will think about it.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

Not sure if this would help for your requirements, but I was looking into google play apk file size limits and apparently there is support for expansion files to work around this .

Just food for thought,  I'd be happy to pay something again to get extra maps.



Yes, I am aware of the possibility of expansion files. I would rather not have to use it currently since it is a bit more work and more things that can go wrong on both ends. However I might go the route of expansion files later on though (unless the Google Play  Store decides to raise the limit).

Thanks again for the feedback and suggestions.

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Infinite maps granted, w00t! ;-)

Hey congratulations on the update, awesome work.

My favourite sim, and also the best sim for low end hardware just got even better.


Thanks, I'm glad you appreciate it!