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Crystal Control II

Crystal Control II is the expanded sequel to our original competitive bullet hell shoot 'em up for two players! · By Virtually Competent

Keyboard Compatibility?

A topic by -GnAw- created May 30, 2016 Views: 652 Replies: 3
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From what I've seen, the control scheme stated on the Download form doesn't include keyboard options. I have also spent some time mashing on the keyboard and still no dice. Is this a process to be added in the future?

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That's correct, there is currently no keyboard compatibility. The reason for this is that most keyboards have a limit on simultaneous key presses which means that inputs get dropped when 3+ non-modifier keys are being held at the same time.

As a two player game that requires 3-4 buttons per player, it's simply not possible for us to provide a control scheme that will allow a consistent and fair game on a single keyboard. We WILL add limited keyboard support in the future for use in the single player modes and likely allow for a mixed input option for multiplayer (as in, one player can use the keyboard while the other player uses a gamepad), but it's unlikely that we will ever allow two players to play on the same keyboard.


Just FYI, some enthusiasts have 6 key rollover or even no key rollover keyboards that'll handle the controls for CC2 just fine. Also the game is dope in ways I don't understand. Keep killing it, guys.

For sure, I'm aware that some folks can handle it, but most can't.

By all means though, if anyone has an awesome keyboard that you want to play versus on, just let us know and we can try to make it happen! I just don't want to spend precious dev time on a feature that NOBODY can use. :)