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Making game updates optional

A topic by v01pe created May 30, 2016 Views: 217 Replies: 1
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AFAICT there is no way to prevent a game from updating when I have the client running, right?

Auto updates is the ultimate reason I have installed the app, but in some cases I\d just like to see that there's an update, but decide myself when to install it. E.g. the "first access" game Overland often wipes save data after updates, because of the alpha state of the game and difficulties to keep the save data usable… In that case I'd like to finish an ongoing game and update after I finished it.

At the moment I only open the client when I currently have no save data in the game. It would be perfect if I can set a game to "manually update".


I agree, unconditional updates was a proof of concept, I'm hoping to bring in more nuanced options soon, cf. issue #490 on GitHub.