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Lust Doll

An adult game set in a post-apocalyptic sci fi/ fantasy open exploration world. · By indivi

Will this be available on Android

A topic by Whatif_guy created Dec 18, 2022 Views: 1,722 Replies: 6
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will this be available on Android 

For Lust Doll Plus is available on Android, this might not have chance for that.

This game is kinda dead since the creater is focising all there work on Lust Doll+

Tru LD+ is fire tho I would like to play LD for the fact that the storyline is much more progressed than LD+ . One thing I will say is LD+ needs some minor tweaks and it will be playable for EVERYONE. Add some simple character interaction pictures or animation to see the characters interacting with each other like when the LD is fucking or getting fucked bye the slime. You would be able to see the slime and your character doing this as an picture/animation. Just adding that to the game will improve it by 60% making the scenes more realistic so the player is able to imagine themselves as there character in that situation. Also adding more fetishes like MMF/FFM/FFF/MMM (threesome). ORGY'S (with a character list you can choose multiple from). DOUBLE/TRIPLE PENETRATION (or more). The simple ability to be able to use all the skills and toys on every character for example be able to make Cassie grow a dick. AS well as being able to make a guy grow a pussy and tits or one or the other (with the option of keeping his dick or not).

I got a lot more Ideas for you if you want just ask.

No but lust doll plus is

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I know I'm already playing lust doll plus but it's just this seem to have more content than lust doll plus

I see thank you for your reply and I'll check it out