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I also have been hoping for cock growth for cassie!!

stop complaining, it will be here soon. Do you know how hard it can be to update a game? They have to get sounds, make the art(and make it move), make new rooms, and more.

they have a real life to you know. They cant just spend there hole life updating a game.

Is there no more updates?

i tried that and it still wont work.

Hey, I'm having some trouble with the game. I can't break the Pillers in the dojo and I'm one windows 10 so is there a different button to hit because I'm confused.

Can you people stop being greedy, it cost money because they don't do these offend.

Be grateful they even let android people play.

when is the next update?

what shop?

yea, its a ongoing game with updates every mounth on the 7th.

just type lustdoll plus wiki.

I wonder how Cassie would react to a Lazer pointer.

so naughty you won't believe the creator put it in there !


will the game be update from the Christmas update?

sounds nice but is this also for the public>?

sounds like a you problem there buddy. 

when will the update be relished to public?

why complain about a early update? im on copmputer with no access to early updates. I wish i could have this.

thanks :D

I'm trying to do Bells route but I can't seem to find out how to get her out of the room she is stuck in and were she claims to see someone in the corner.


i tried  that but they stright up died

okay thanks!

I can't wait to see more bell content!!

most likely no.

Well  the art for animations and other stuff will take a while also trying to make stuff that will appeal to [Horny] players.

How do I talk with the Young queen? I've tride but it keeps saying that the last meeting was to soon.

I've tride to do that but I can only marrie Mari and Tysuna

I tride to marry the others but it wont work.

Can't you also marry Mira the angel?

any idea for when the next update will be out?


Is it going to be released today or tomarrow?

Yep, it's --->       Lust Doll by indivi (

How did you do that?!

This game is kinda dead since the creater is focising all there work on Lust Doll+

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I think they will add that once there done with the game, but if you do want to have kids with a character(keep the kids) then may I suggest playing Lust Doll(not +).

Will there be male characters like maybe teachers?

I believe so, but it's still being developed.

Its good but i have one complaint.

when attacking enimes the hit box moves to fast.