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I never really hadany trouble with mobile.

Is there a possible mobile version in the future?

Cant seem to download thr game on android just when downloadong is done ot say that it cant be installed

it doesn't work on mobile either it just says error 

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I cant find mushroom for potion where is it ive spend over an hour looking for it

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I know I'm already playing lust doll plus but it's just this seem to have more content than lust doll plus

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Alredy found a bug for mobile you cant even progress because it wants you to press the A button, but there is no A button on the mobile pls fix it as fast as possible 

thank you

On mobile its completely broken its straight way up your not even able to clikc the menu

there was a map where it was showing where everyone was I just want that but if there is anything new on it?

Can i have a updated map of the game cause i cant find anyone

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Why does it keep crashing it happens when I do anything and I mean anything 

I know this is not gonna make much sense but how about sex toys but not normal one's big one's

Will this be available on Android

no like maybe six-pack that would not mess with anything 

when you get a condo in New ark for 2000 k and sleep she will visit you

I mean not total but at least a six pack or something

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Go to the torture rack itself then go to basement 

You can't get megacock right now but cumflated lookes no different then being pregnant

I think about this is not huge but it bothers me that no matter how much you train you don't get muscles

Can't get it to happen again

Get to or down from mall with force then sleep a day the go from mall to slums when you talk to don chose not to pay then chose grunt work then go to cat girl talk about don then sleep a day then go back to don then to fawn.

I had another idea how about tongue customisation about how long it it's small but neat

yes that after I talked to them and took it off then I accidentally wore them again

There is a soft lock in the game if you have sensitive nipls and have living underwear and get it removed and wear it again you get stuck and can remove the underwear the only way is to start a new game plus

Ever thought about making the option to have mega cock and boobs a permanent option I know it would take a lot of work with all the clothes right?

I hope it does

A recommendation:

Add a dildo gag it's just as it sounds

Can you have sex with ashmadia?

Im sorry if im coming entitled but is it ever going to be free?

The screen on Android is a bit zoomed in pls fix it

will this be available on Android 

But .... that was already free

Its almost the end of November where free update