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Arena Circus

A disowned prince and a sickly human who got a second chance at life rebel against a corrupt monarchy. · By minyan


A topic by minyan created Jul 06, 2018 Views: 524 Replies: 6
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Questions about the AC world? Want to comment on your playthrough? Have a screenshot of a cool outfit? Post it here!

What happened to Mari? Does she eat flesh?


That will be answered in chapter 4! Stay tuned!

So excited!!!!!!

Can we play as Aldrich yet or is that only a gold thing? Sorry if you have this somewhere I played this a long time ago and never really kept up with the updates but I was really looking forward to playing Aldrich his personality seemed interesting.


Hello! Playing as Aldrich is not yet available. I'm going to finish all six chapters playing as Lilié first, and then I'll go back and rewrite the chapters from Aldrich's perspective. Chapter 4 should be out sometime this summer, so pop back in every once in a while. The last couple chapters will be out as soon as possible!

I can't wait! Thank you!