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The game is amazing so far!! There is so few r18 games that women can play! I'm so excited for the game! Make sure too take plenty of breaks so you stay healthy and  you don't lose interest!


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I like the game and the idea of whats happening to the game it seems like a more free willed and kinky version of fenoxo's work. This is just an idea but like fenoxo's work why not later on make events that causes transformations?

I've went through Anders route 4 times already and can't find out what i'm pressing wrong even when i have the thing that shows when their affection goes up. Will there be a walkthrough for lazy people like me?

The game seems great and has a lot of potential. I just has a question. Is this game going to a sweet as sugar type game or is it gonna play with darker themes? I'm only asking I like a fuckery as much as I like the sickly sweet stuff but I always have to prepare myself emotionally and mentally before the darker things.

ahhh Thank You i haven't played the game since that update thanks a lot!!

I've had trouble with getting the werewolf quest to start could someone please tell me what you need done to start the quest and where i will pick up the quest? I'm thankful for any help.

thank you!!!

I'm sorry if someone has asked this question all ready but will this be on steam?

Okay I found it! Thank you!!

Thank You but how do you get that quest? I've only ever gotten the quest about the green slime.

Can anyone tell me where i can find the witch I felt like i looked every where. Also the Priestess didn't unlock the forgotten temple for me.  

I'm not really into the whole furry thing so i overlooked this vn a lot but i'm really happy i decided to check it out. I've only played through Shoichi's route so far but the story is really cute and i like the idea that the characters are more realistic in the fact that they still deal with commons mental or physical problems like Saya (by far my favorite character) being color-blind or Shoichi coming from a not so perfect family or how he beats himself over that. It makes the story a little more realistic and not a fantasy. This VN has definitely made me want to check out other furry VNs that i passed up. Your making great work! Keep it up!

Thank you! it work this time

This shocked me but not for the usual person reason lmao. I was expecting to feel depressed and heart-broken after playing it so I tried my best to go into the game with my emotions shut off but I played Chris's route first and was happy to see that there are "Good" Ending's. I do like playing games with darker themes but hate the whole "Pity me. I'm just innocent and want you to love/care for me" MC and I was very happy to see there wasn't any of that. The stories are short but extremely well put together. I've got to say though didn't really like Jack's Route not a big fan of maggots and bugs but decided that despite the warnings I would try it out anyway. Though, it was still interesting and I didn't regret reading it.  I hope you continue to make more dark themed stories!

The game pops up completely white for me.

I can't wait! Thank you!

Can we play as Aldrich yet or is that only a gold thing? Sorry if you have this somewhere I played this a long time ago and never really kept up with the updates but I was really looking forward to playing Aldrich his personality seemed interesting.

I'm not sure if anyone else has asked, and if they have I'm sorry but, Are you planning to release the game on steam once it's out for the public?

Thank you!

Is there a walk through some where? I've been trying to one last cg and it's killing me i went through the whole game several times and I don't know how to get it.

I’ve seemed to fix it! Thank you! I case anyone experience this problem I’ve fixed it by completing Arden’s route!

I have, unfortunately..

I'm having a problem going to Sabre's route.. I've download the patch and tried everything but it just does not give me the option to split up. it just automatically starts Arden's route, it frustrating.