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Is there an option to send a message to all the players that downloaded my free product?

A topic by Polar Motion created Jul 03, 2018 Views: 492 Replies: 2
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Good evening,

Back in December we launched an open alpha of our game project: Today we've unveiled a new webpage ( and a mailing list ( and we'd like to contact every one who downloaded the game and let them know about this.

I saw that there's an option to send an e-mail via the 'Interact' menu but, from what I can see, I can only reach out to people who own a download key. Is there an option for contacting all the members that have downloaded the game at some point?

Thanks in advance!



Sorry, we don't collect information like that for people who download for free. Also, with GDPR now a thing we would have had to have collected consent as well. Your best bet is to create a devlog post. That will notify people who follow you on I also recommend encouraging people to follow you account whenever possible.


Hello leafo, thank you for your swift reply. Indeed, I created a devlog post yesterday as well. I was hoping I was going to be able to reach out to all the players who downloaded our game at some point, but I understand the reasons why that cannot be done.

Thanks for the tips regarding the followers!



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