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BUG? WebGL Resolution - Game Screen Size

A topic by stargazerstudio created Jun 30, 2018 Views: 2,868 Replies: 3
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I uploaded a Unity WEBGL game (link) a month or so ago, it had its width and height set in the index.html and it showed properly on website, with its resolution settings set to automatic (only available for unity games)

I made an update and re-uploaded the game with SAME RESOLUTION and now it breaks, there are parts of the iFrame or something that are not supposed to be there. I've tried playing with unity player settings and fixing the resolution in the edit game menu manually, but no luck.

Any advice? Could this be a bug?


It's possible the unity player changed its embed code and the detection isn't working as expected. (Or they added additional margins around game pages). Are the dimensions detected by the same or did those change?

Admin (1 edit)

On closer look I see that your embed doesn't have the standard Unity player footer + fullscreen button. Did you manually remove that or does the game export no longer have that?

The auto detection assumes that it will exist, so if you manually remove it the calculation will be wrong. I see an empty footer element in the HTML markup of your game.


you were right, it was my fault :) thx

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