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Looking For Voice Actors

A topic by RainbowMagical created Jun 29, 2018 Views: 193 Replies: 7
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Hello Everyone! My name is Zack, and i'm looking for voice actors for my game - Imagistory! or Imagigalaxy (whatever you want to call it.)

Voices Required: Edgy Voice, Deep Voice, Female Voice and Low pitch voices (something like sans) if you know who it is.

my project is a hobby project (for now) therefore i'm looking for somone that can work for free!

I welcome everyone with open arms! By the way, here are the characters you need to voice.

Blondie (for the female voice)Honey (for the Low pitch sans-like voice)

King Greenly (For the Deep Voice)and finally, Zack (For the Edgy Voice)

You can contact me through discord or comment on this topic.

Have a nice day!

Is this still going on?


You can do a female voice?

I have a deep, bassy voice but I can definetly try it. Can I see which character it is?

I am hiring a girl from fiverr from my game.

She charges somewhat high, but delivers work fast and of good quality.

I can't afford that still

I am open for doing voice acting for free.