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[Localization JP>EN/GER and EN<>GER] Mimir Translations will bring your game into the German market

A topic by Mimir Translations created 15 days ago Views: 53
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Good day, users.

Mimir Translations is a leading video game translation company from Germany, specializing in translation and localization services for all sorts of video games, in particular visual novels and RPGs. We have years of proven experience in the field of English to German as well as Japanese to English & German translation pairs. We don't offer translation into Japanese, though. Our company consists of three native speakers of the German language with ample expertise in German, English and Japanese. Our approach follows the TEP principle (Translation - Editing - Proofreading).

Mimir Translations's goal is it to offer developers a helping hand when they're planning to venture into the German market. According to our experience, the best way of achieving great reception in this field, is, to offer people a translation into the domestic language they're more familiar with.  We have flexible, fair pricing which you can inquire in direct contact with our treasurer. If you're interested in what services we have to offer (Games are not the only thing we're eager to work on!) please contact us on Discord under Hata#7192 or Tyr#3493. If you're used to other methods of getting in touch, please contact our mail

We're looking forward to cooperate with you! You can find some of the games we worked on here: