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The Fermi Paradox ( Early Access )

A narrative strategy game in which your decisions in one corner of the galaxy can upend entire civilizations in another. · By The Fermi Paradox

Jupiter Update - 0.68 - Alien Contact Rework

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Dear Fermi Community,

This is our biggest update so far as we added more depth and detail to the Contact events, which always meant to be the climaxes of the game. We removed the randomness and made the outcome of the the different choices completely depended on the ethic values, harm potential, technology level, population and resources of the two alien parties involved. Also past contacts have a significant role, so it becomes more important to send out radio signals before embarking to an interstellar journey 

The game rules deciding the outcome of a contact event or the result of an interspecies conflict are a bit more complex and can be looked up in detail in a new window that is shown when hovering with the mouse over the choice options.

In future updates the mouse over feature will be added to other events and the extreme randomness will be also reworked in critical events like the Final Technology or the Resource Crisis.

We are very happy with the contact gameplay now, but will also expand it in the future with more events that handle the contact with species with simple technology, returning of visitors, reencountering a former war opponent or follow-up events that happen after invasions or cohabitation events.

Last but not least a big thanks again to our patient community providing us with constant feedback and encouragement. Also for coming up with great ideas for events and quotes.

Changelog of Version 0.68.M.8 - Jupiter UPDATE ( contains spoilers )

-  Background Art : New “Free Colonists" picture

-  Background Art : New “Critical Hull Breach" picture

-  Background Art : New “Infiltration in Progress" picture

-  Background Art : New “Productive Coexistence"  picture

-  Background Art : New “Alien Occupation" picture

-  Background Art : New “Interspecies Warfare" picture

-  Background Art : New “Planet Killer" picture

-  Background Art : New “Iron Age” picture

-  Background Art : New “Abandoned Colonial Base” picture

-  Background Art : New “Decaying Spaceship” picture

-  Background Art : New “Long Range Scan” picture

-  Background Art : New “A day at the Harbor” picture

-  Background Art : New “Senicide” picture

-  Background Art : New "Perimeter Observation" picture

-  Background Art : New "The War and The Plague" picture

-  Background Art : New "Colonial Uprising" picture

-  Background Art : New "Sol System" picture

-  Background Art : Rework "The Tank Battalion" picture

-  New Contact Event "The First Light" - quote by Shadowlancer

-  New Contact Event "Colonized Homelands"

-  New Contact Event "The Lost Homeworld"

-  New Contact Event "Surprise Attack"

-  New Contact Event "Repel the Invaders"

-  New Contact Event "Temporary Guests"

-  New Contact Event "Remote Adaption"

-  New Contact Event "Suicide Run"

-  New Contact Event "Leave only Ruins Behind!"

-  New Contact Event "Space Battle"

-  New Contact Event "Dramatic Exit"

-  New Contact Event "Stranded Aliens"

-  New Contact Event "Course Correction"

-  New Contact Event "Alien Occupation"

-  New Contact Event "Captured Aliens"

-  New Contact Event "Interspecies Conflict"

-  New Contact Event "On the Run …"

-  New Contact Event "Overrun by Aliens"

-  New Contact Event "Colonial Deception"

-  New Contact Event "Protect the Colony!"

-  New Contact Event "Colonial Integration"

-  New Contact Event "Admiration from afar"

-  New Contact Event "Mutual Destruction"

-  New Contact Event "Destroy Planet X!"

-  New Contact Event "The Struggle over System X"

-  New Contact Event "Clumsy Disappearance"

-  New Contact Event "Shipwrecked on Planet X"

-  New Contact Event "Diversion towards Planet X"

-  New Contact Event "Occupied Colony"

-  New Contact Event "Prisoners of the Colony"

-  New Contact Event "The Struggle over Planet X"

-  New Contact Event "Escaping Planet X"

-  New Contact Event "The Aliens are Everywhere!"

-  New Contact Event "Battleground Planet X"

-  New Contact Event "Fratricidal War"

-  New Contact Event "One Last Look"

-  Reworked Contact Event "Alien Contact"

-  Reworked Contact Event "Planet X is occupied by Aliens!"

-  Reworked Contact Event "Full Onslaught"

-  Reworked Contact Event "By any means necessary"

-  Reworked Contact Event "Initiation of Talks"

-  Reworked Contact Event "Exchange of Ideas"

-  Reworked Contact Event "Alien Invasion"

-  Reworked Contact Event "The Conquest of Planet X"

-  Reworked Contact Event "The Wormhole Invasion"

-  Reworked Contact Event "Wormhole Refugees"

-  Reworked Contact Event "Interstellar War"

-  Reworked Contact Event "Swift Attack"

-  Reworked Contact Event "Safe Observation"

-  Reworked Contact Event "Secret Visitors"

-  New Cohabitation Event "Perilous Transformations"

-  New Cohabitation Event "Culture Clash"

-  New Cohabitation Event "The Alien next Door"

-  New Cohabitation Event "Shared Colonies"

-  New Cohabitation Event "Tense Cohabitation"

-  New Cohabitation Event "Mutual Struggle"

-  New Infiltration Event "Aliens Among Us"

-  New Infiltration Event "No Witnesses"

-  New Infiltration Event "A Breath of Fresh Air"

-  New Infiltration Event "The Hand of the Gods"

-  New Primordial World Event "The Giant Blister"

-  New Primordial World Event "Onto the Molten Sea"

-  New Primordial World Event "The Burning Legion"

-  New Primordial World Event "Pyroductal Warfare"

-  New Primordial World Event "Attack of the Fire Moles"

-  New Primordial World Event "Voices from the Flaming Pits"

-  New Colony Event "Xenobiological Incursion" - event idea by Someone Random

-  New Colony Event "The Ancient Shipyard" - event idea by Bray Gallienne

-  New Colony Event "The Jungle Colony"

-  New Colony Event "Magmatic Bases"

-  New Colony Event "Metal Rain"

-  New Colony Event "The Circles of Hellfire"

-  New Fallen Society Event "The Music of the Gods"

-  New Fallen Society Event "Wasteland Punks"

-  New Sightless Species Event "First Sight" event idea by 42Timezone

-  New Bronze Age Event "The Game of the Gods" - quote by cat in a cardboard box

-  New Nautical Age Event "The Leviathan" - event idea by Urmuux

-  New Nuclear Age Event "Cultural Cross-Pollination" - quote by InanimateIJK

-  New Nuclear Event "Mass Stigmatization of Wildlife" event idea by Brendan Eric Feay

-  New Nuclear Age Event "Mazes and Monsters" event idea by Carey Neal Dunn

-  New Lightspeed Age Event "The Basilisk's Curse" - event idea by Brendan Eric Feay

-  New Singularity Age Event "Explosion of Friendly Intelligence" - event idea by Rakeela Detanis

-  New FTL Age Event "Radiation Belt Harvesting" event idea by Carey Neal Dunn

-  New FTL Age Event "Cheap Terraforming"

-  New Futuristic Era Event "The Spacefaring Guild" - event idea by Urmuux

-  Feature : "Alien Contact Rework"

The options during a contact event are now "Talk", "Observe" and "Retreat"

The follow up results of the options are not depending on a modified random roll but on the current ethic values, harm potential, resource scarcity and former contacts of both societies.

The "Talk" option can lead to following follow-up event types : "Full Onslaught", "Surprise Attack", "Repulsion", "Brief Talks" and "Coexistence"

The "Observe" option can lead to following follow-up event types : "Total Annihilation", "Full Invasion", "Interstellar War", "Observation" , "Adaption"

The "Retreat" option can lead to following follow-up events : "Suicide Attack", "Scorched System" , "Spacebattle" , "Stranded" , "Hasty Retreat" and "Course Correction"

A new detailed window that is activated via mouse over explaining which options leads to which choice

-  Feature "Interspecies Conflict Rework"

A conflict between species can lead to more diverse results like the plundering of resources, tactical advantages or follow up events like "Occupation" or "Imprisonment"

A new detailed window is activated via mouse over. It explains the result of a conflict between two species in combination with harm levels, technological advancements and ethical values.

-  Feature "Cohabitation Events"

Multiple species can temporarily reside on the same system as a result of a positive or neutral Contact Event resulting in Trading, Interspecies Tensions, Infiltration, Technological Uplifting or Environmental Engineering.

In future updates it will be possible for highly technologically advanced species to merge into one singular Transspecies.

-  Feature "Intraspecies Contact Rework"

The gameplay when a spaceship encounters a planet with the same species is changed.

The "Merge" option merges population, technology and resources and the faction with higher ethics becomes the dominant one.

The "Division" option merges population, technology and resources and the faction with lower ethics becomes the dominant one.

The "Intraspecies War" option leads to a war between both factions.

-  Feature : Signals and Direct Contact can have a positive or negative impact. The society remembers the last interaction, and it has an impact on the next contact event with the same species. A past interspecies war will also be remembered forever.

-  Feature : After a great disaster that leads to a massive population drop or the loss of many tech levels, a civilization, starship or colony is marked as "Fallen" and a lot of basic events are not triggered anymore. The "Fallen" status is removed when a new tech level is reached.

-  User Interface - Mouse Over Window for Event Choices - either a small, a large or, in case of conflict events, a complex window is displayed after hovering over the options with the mouse for a short time. This information shows which changes will be applied when an option is chosen. 

This feature is work in progress. As of this update only the contact events have a mouse over window attached.

-  User Interface : Epilogue Screen is rearranged to display the multiple species better. 

-  Planets - Rigel, Ross and Alpha Centauri got more appropriate colors / planetary systems.

-  Bugfix - A Civilization with a lot of population could not archive the final Technology. This is fixed now.

-  Bugfix - Sometimes saving after a spaceship was destroyed corrupted the savegame.

-  Bugfix - Signal and Contact information are now correctly transferred to starships and colonies.

-  Bugfix - Some "Receive Signal" event text displayed the wrong system.

-  Bugfix - Species that conquered other species sometimes where counted in the Epilogue as a different species.

-  Bugfix - Dolphins and other aquatic animals do not flee to "refugee islands" anymore.

-  Bugfix - The history of empty planets with ruins of a civilization destroyed by a "great war" event shows now the correct name of the WMDs in use.

-  Balancing - Synthesis Costs of high level choice events like "Contact" , "Scarcity Crisis" and "Resource Depletion Crisis" are much cheaper

-  Balancing - It is far more likely that an "Answer Signal" event is triggered when a civilization picks up an alien signal.

-  Balancing - Events on starships are more evenly distributed and extinction events are less common.

-  Balancing - Extinction Events and Paradigm Shifts are not triggered directly at the beginning of the game.  

-  Balancing - "Rare Events" like Paradigm Shifts / Pre-Nuclear Extinction Events and Pre-Cyber Age Spaceship events are triggered more rarely.

-  Balancing - The Phobos Spaceship is now counted as a rare event.

-  Texts : Reefshaper Age aquatic societies have more diverse leader and government names.

-  Texts : Terms for default colony settlements and professions are more varied.

-  Attention Savegame Compatibility - Received signals and contacts are not correctly imported from older savegames.   

See you up in the stars, voyager.

Jörg from Anomaly Games

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We found a couple of issues in the Jupiter update and uploaded a patch with a couple of bugfixes.

Changelog of Patch 0.68.N.2

Reworked Contact Event "Interspecies Conflict"
Reworked Contact Event "On the Run"
Reworked Contact Event "Overrun by Aliens"
Reworked Contact Event "The Alien Next Door"

Text - Civilizations and Spaceships with especially long names like "Digital Sibling Expert Communities" are shortened
Text - fixed some small typos and empty spaces in various events and variables

Bugfix - Every Spaceship was counted as a new Species - screwing up the end results in the Epilogue
Bugfix - The trading option of the Coexistence / Adaption contact events that allows exchange for technology for resources does now give the correct side the techlevel boost..
Bugfix - A spaceship should not be "trapped" between two alien star systems anymore and not do a back and forth ping pong course between those two planets.
Bugfix - Species that survived the game are now properly highlighted in the Epilogue
Bugfix - The "Total Annihilation" contact event is not triggered anymore for Industrial Era civilizations, instead "Battlefield Planet X" is triggered.
Bugfix - Casualties of the Scarcity Crisis and the Hostility Events are now shown correctly
Bugfix - A lost in Tech Levels was displayed in the Scarcity Decline events but it should have been shown in the Scarcity Mitigation events
Bugfix - The Epilogue text stated that only one species received signals even if multiple species got signals.
Bugfix - Wrong Background Artwork for "Cure for Sin" event
Bugfix - The little decorative icon on the large mouse over window is now on the correct position
Bugfix - In one color variation of spacefaring Prun the avatar without a helmet and with a helmet was swapped.
Bugfix - Correct output text on event options when a native civilization is occupied by an invading alien spaceship
Bugfix - Fire moles can not take out space habitats anymore
Bugfix - The star system that is the next goal of a starship after a contact event is properly capitalized now
Bugfix - When invading starships lose a battle and have to flee to another system the correct system name is displayed now
Bugfix - "Jovian Colonies" Event can only be activated by Lightspeed Fleets or higher

Balancing - Number of maximum Signals / Spaceships is increased in later phases of the game
Balancing - Population Growth are less common on Spaceships.
Balancing - Synthesis costs "Pickup Signal" && "Resource Depletion Crisis" events are cheaper