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We found a couple of issues in the Jupiter update and uploaded a patch with a couple of bugfixes.

Changelog of Patch 0.68.N.2

Reworked Contact Event "Interspecies Conflict"
Reworked Contact Event "On the Run"
Reworked Contact Event "Overrun by Aliens"
Reworked Contact Event "The Alien Next Door"

Text - Civilizations and Spaceships with especially long names like "Digital Sibling Expert Communities" are shortened
Text - fixed some small typos and empty spaces in various events and variables

Bugfix - Every Spaceship was counted as a new Species - screwing up the end results in the Epilogue
Bugfix - The trading option of the Coexistence / Adaption contact events that allows exchange for technology for resources does now give the correct side the techlevel boost..
Bugfix - A spaceship should not be "trapped" between two alien star systems anymore and not do a back and forth ping pong course between those two planets.
Bugfix - Species that survived the game are now properly highlighted in the Epilogue
Bugfix - The "Total Annihilation" contact event is not triggered anymore for Industrial Era civilizations, instead "Battlefield Planet X" is triggered.
Bugfix - Casualties of the Scarcity Crisis and the Hostility Events are now shown correctly
Bugfix - A lost in Tech Levels was displayed in the Scarcity Decline events but it should have been shown in the Scarcity Mitigation events
Bugfix - The Epilogue text stated that only one species received signals even if multiple species got signals.
Bugfix - Wrong Background Artwork for "Cure for Sin" event
Bugfix - The little decorative icon on the large mouse over window is now on the correct position
Bugfix - In one color variation of spacefaring Prun the avatar without a helmet and with a helmet was swapped.
Bugfix - Correct output text on event options when a native civilization is occupied by an invading alien spaceship
Bugfix - Fire moles can not take out space habitats anymore
Bugfix - The star system that is the next goal of a starship after a contact event is properly capitalized now
Bugfix - When invading starships lose a battle and have to flee to another system the correct system name is displayed now
Bugfix - "Jovian Colonies" Event can only be activated by Lightspeed Fleets or higher

Balancing - Number of maximum Signals / Spaceships is increased in later phases of the game
Balancing - Population Growth are less common on Spaceships.
Balancing - Synthesis costs "Pickup Signal" && "Resource Depletion Crisis" events are cheaper