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online strategy, Fire Emblem/Advance Wars-like · By Sokpop Collective

Issues when accepting from practice mode?

A topic by Sarah Data created Jun 22, 2018 Views: 343 Replies: 1
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I often practice to gain coins when there isn't anyone available for a match and when I accept a match from practice it ends up with me having to reset the game in most cases.

However, worse scenarios have been encountered. A couple of times I played where my opponent had only 2 units instead of 4 and if I moved to the spots where those missing 2 were and reset, the game made our characters share that space. I could my move my units but my opponent could not move theirs. I just wanted to report this and hope not many others encountered this issue


yeah I implemented being challenged from the practice mode after the release quickly. I felt the best way to avoid bugs was to reset the game. So in the end it does work, but it is a bit messy, sorry for that!

The bug where not all enemy units spawn is known and a total mystery for me. Whenever I try to replicate the situation everything works fine :( I will keep looking into it, but I don't have high hopes for finding a solution sadly.

The C + M debug trigger could really help in this case but only if you do it when the enemy units haven't spawned when they should've.