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Review and Expectations

A topic by PizzedOffGamer created Jun 20, 2018 Views: 383 Replies: 2
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Hi I really enjoyed playing this and can't wait to play the full game. I would really want to hear the voices when the text speed is at full if that's possible for you to do. I would also want choices in it too. I'd say a gallary would be nice as well. If I can thnk of anything else then I'll let you know.


Thank you so much! That's super uplifting to hear. I don't think voice acting is in the cards since this game isn't really big or popular enough to afford it, but I would love to do it if I had the chance! A gallery and choices are definitely planned, but choices here work a bit differently than most VNs. I'm working hard to help the final product meet your expectations!


Hi I enjoyed it too = ] , here are some of my thoughts (sorry for the long ridiculous list, don't feel like you have to answer any of these):

1) Currently its really not much of a game, I'm not sure what your plans are, but it really feels like you might be more interested in just making a graphic novel or an animation instead.

2) Its actually fairly long, you might want to cut the demo down to 1/4 instead of like 1/2 of the whole story.  

3) I'm torn between feeling that there was too much magical girl fan talk or just letting it be itself. 

4) I feel like Taylor jumps in there kinda randomly and if shes a magical girl how does she have time for so much afterschool, also its literally the only other person we know, besides Sara. 

5) I feel like you might have made them way too powerful, specially centralia, Amnesiac 

6) I feel like there are huge gaps in info they would ask cat / centralia 

7) I think they would only not get affected by cat rewinding if they are in magical girl mode, otherwise they would not have effect on the world ? 

8)  some reactions are kinda low key, like people disappearing should maybe be a big deal ? Was Lucky impaled in the fight with Lion lady ? 

9) centralia is a weird name, didn't really get the meaning I guess.

10) luv the freaked of Lucky reaction image 

Anyway, keep on going ! Good Luck