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Played only the beggining of it until it crashed when I tried to make the cake.

Hello. I haven't played the game yet since I am wondering if the patch is released and can you send me a download link to it if it is?

Is the have feelings for a girl option not avaliable?

Good game. In the full game can you add a 18+ Patch for things like that bath scene and what not. Or maybe just a new 18+ Version. Also make sure you add gallery and the usual VN stuff.

Hi I really enjoyed playing this and can't wait to play the full game. I would really want to hear the voices when the text speed is at full if that's possible for you to do. I would also want choices in it too. I'd say a gallary would be nice as well. If I can thnk of anything else then I'll let you know.

I love the game but can you make a dating type one?

When is this coming out in full release?

When is this coming out in full release?

Hi. I played the demo and liked it. In the full game I hope there are choices to choose and also different relationship routes. I noticed in the demo that there is things missing like how the main character meets the ghost and how the ghost learns to talk. I would want to see the whole story of that happening.  Also I want to see the main character and her friend talking about how the main character wants to leave after the journey. Please consider things I mentioned and similar along those lines.

I will be looking forward to it. Love the game.

Loved the game played and finished Sakura's route. I remember playing the Android version and I am happy to finally play the PC version. I really hope you could make a second one of this maybe when their older or something like that. Also I won't mind playing another game like this. Good work on this game.

This is what happens when I click on the report card and I am playing on Windows.

I am not sure if the report card meant to have a error but it does. I don't see how I can continue to play it without seeing something important such as that. Be glad if you fixed it.

This demo was really good. I cannot wait to play the full game. When is it out?

I tried playing this game but it crashed as soon as I pressed the launch button. This is the message that popped up: 

An error occurred while launching Starry Night

application crashed. process exited with code 3221225781

I would love to play this game but it isn't quite my cup of tea since I only like to play games that can been played in full screen. If you add this I happily play this game.

I cannot play the game because it keeps on crashing.

I gotta say I really enjoyed it and played both the girl's and boy's routes. I am wondering if you could make it into a full VN like a romance one or something along the lines of that.

I have found a glitch with my load game I saved it after Akihiko and Naoto peeked on the girl who does swimming but it wouldnt't let me load from there since it only loaded me into a earlier time in the game when the Maths teacher asks you and the class the Maths question. I am very dissapointed with this glitch and wont be playing this game until fixed.

I like the look of the game but I have a big problem with it and that is that there's no options button. If you add that in sometime I will be glad to play and maybe support it. What I would want the options to have is the usual: adjustable texspeed and sounds, choice skipping and full screen or window mode and all the usual stuff you find in VNs.

I cannot launch the game since it says:

An error occurred while launching Girl Crush

No executables were found

I hope you can fix this.