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Gal-X-E gone?

A topic by marcin205 created May 15, 2016 Views: 681 Replies: 8
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Some time ago im got

Gal-X-E key for and im dont have in my collection wtf

Is it in your My Purchases page?

No every single copy in existence on has now disappeared due to the power the developer had to do that on this site apparently.

lol no just vanish

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Same here. I still see my received link at but no game in my collection and the link doesn't work anynore. -- found this explanation.

That means you should NEVER buy anything on, since the devs can simply remove the game from your collection any time.


Send us an email to, it's likely the seller disabled the game incorrectly. If they aren't willing to provide access then we can refund all purchases.

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They just deleted the bloody thing.

Did you read the link in the post you are replying to?? Here is the developer's QUOTE:

[developer] 19 May @ 12:07am

Hi Ratha, we had to remove it from as people started reuploading it on other sites as it was DRM-free. I've added you to discuss this issue further.


Very, very poor form and I do not expect that a developer can sell an item and then remove it so that it can never be downloaded again..

And same as above I still have my link from cubic giveaways. Clearly did not buy as I received as giveaway but what point is it if it is going to disappear.. because of a single uploader/share of DRM free files!!

wow this sux

The developer claims a single person pirated it so they disabled the entire game.

Very, very poor.

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