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what does slave of passion add

A topic by cornmolester created Oct 16, 2022 Views: 1,252 Replies: 3
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i've been thinking of subscribing to your subscirbestar page but i want to know if it's worth it. basically what's in slave of passion that isn't in together again?


Not that different so far. 

Difference on Untamed 
- Tears option available on some sex scenes. 
- Slightly more risqué dialogue during Priestess quest
- More visible whip marks in punishment room 
- Maybe some other small adjustments I cant remember right now. 

I will be adding more differences as the game develops, but so far there is no major difference between the two games

i was asking about slave of passion (the together again one in case i got the name wrong) but thanks for the info


Oh, right sorry. 

Similar kind of differences. 
Slave Of Passion has more tears, more whip marks and in some places the dialogue is a bit more raunchy