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A member registered Sep 28, 2021

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i was asking about slave of passion (the together again one in case i got the name wrong) but thanks for the info

i've been thinking of subscribing to your subscirbestar page but i want to know if it's worth it. basically what's in slave of passion that isn't in together again?

when i try to open the game it says to update my drivers, but i upgraded my drivers less than an hour ago

i've unlocked princess and timid but no matter what i do i just keep getting those 2

the only things i have left to unlock are two outfits

one for gwen, the one right next to her halloween outfit

and one for jessica in between her normal clothes and her yoga outfit

how do i get these?

how do i unlock the park?

also is it possible to add jimmy to your guild at any point?

I'd love if I could download this

why are there no updates on the website anymore

can someone please give me i detailed guide on how to unlock luna

how do you increase your influence?

sad that the old voice actress isn't available anymore

how do invite people into the east wing?

how does one use cheats?

when's the next update?

ok thanks

how do i unlock the ability to and raise my approval and lower the queens approval?

sadly  the only ones i know of are this game and games made by pinktea

this game feels like a pinktea game without that pinktea magic

could i use 7zip instead of winrar?