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Calibration with Taranis X9D was working, roll left now broken

A topic by caduceus26 created Jun 14, 2018 Views: 172 Replies: 1
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Love FPVFreerider.  I have the Recharged package as well. I also have RealFlight Drones and Liftoff but FPVFreerider is my favorite and my "go to" sim for practice.  That is why the problem below has killed my joy with the package.

The model I set up worked fine until I started to notice that  rolling left was flipping me back t to the right.  Re calibrated controller and found that when holding the right stick all the way to the left, the dot would go all the way to the bottom then bounce to the top. The only way to prevent this is to hold right stick to the left as far as possible but not way the way.  Even so, after doing this, on testing the extreme endpoints rolling to the extreme left bounces me back to the extreme right. I've removed and reinstalled the drivers but it doesn't help. This was working fine for awhile but is really messing up my practice now.  Any ideas?  Thanks.


Thank you , glad to hear you like it!

Have you set up your Taranis according to this document?

If you get the stick range correctly I'm sure it will work. (Sounds like you need to adjust the endpoints slightly, perhaps it will help to play around with he values a bit, settings it to, like, 97% instead of 100% or something like that).