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A browser roguelike with over 60 classes and endless adventure · By BrianIsCreative

How do I cook?

A topic by TheJam created Jun 13, 2018 Views: 221 Replies: 2
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I can't seem to figure out how to cook, from the help menu it seems you need a container to cook items, but so far I haven't seen any containers to store my food in.  Also it feels like animals drop far too little raw meat to be worth your time hunting them when you can find more edible plants just laying around. If only we could use all these bandit and bee corpses.  Maybe if we attack their corpses until they're destroyed we get rewarded with meat to simulate butchering someonething.


Hey there!

'Container' was maybe not the best word to use, since it also includes campfires and fire pits. To cook, hold the ingredient you want to add, then /give it to the lightable object. Lightable objects which can hold ingredients are campfires, fire pits, and stoves. Once you've added all your ingredients, target the lightable object and type /cook. I've updated the /help description to hopefully be clearer. As it stands, corpses should be cookable. Let me know if that isn't working!

Additionally, the build I've just uploaded includes a form of butchering. Attacking an animal corpse with a bladed weapon will butcher it up into raw meat.

Thank you so much for your feedback, and thanks for playing!

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Thank you for clearing this up! Also while cooking I discovered you can just cook the corpse, so that solves what can I do with all the dead bodies issues.

2nd edit- Also you delete meals by cooking them, just wanted to inform you of this.