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Thank you for clearing this up! Also while cooking I discovered you can just cook the corpse, so that solves what can I do with all the dead bodies issues.

2nd edit- Also you delete meals by cooking them, just wanted to inform you of this.

FARA community · Created a new topic How do I cook?

I can't seem to figure out how to cook, from the help menu it seems you need a container to cook items, but so far I haven't seen any containers to store my food in.  Also it feels like animals drop far too little raw meat to be worth your time hunting them when you can find more edible plants just laying around. If only we could use all these bandit and bee corpses.  Maybe if we attack their corpses until they're destroyed we get rewarded with meat to simulate butchering someonething.

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I have some bad news and some good news, the bad news is that after being knocked out cold and murdered by one of the local creatures, that when I went into the tavern to rest, the bug struck harder than ever before, leaving my stats flicking, and not being able to do any actions. I do believe that is the first time it struck while I was just resting, and I know for certain that it was the first time my stats stared flickering. Also while paying a priest for a blessing it struck once more. The good news being that a tree falling over did not trigger this bug where before it almost certainly triggered the bug, and looking at the console I've figured out that a certain error message always appears in the console when the bug strikes:

_tkinter.TclError: badlistbox index "": must be active, anchor, end, @x,y, or a number

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The bug has happened multiple times, the examples I can  include,  trying to mine with or without a pickaxes, talking about history with a pilgrim twice,  events during exploring, just simply exploring, and that's only the one's that reviled themselves when I went back into the game for about thirty minuets in where I have been forced to reset around four times. Like I said I do love this game, but this bug drives me up the walls.

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Although I love the concept of the idea behind the game and the game play itself, it seems to have a game breaking bug. The bug is where I cannot insert an 'action' after doing something,  leaving me unable to do anything but look at my stats and items, so I'm forced to restart the game. Is it because I'm running on windows or something else?