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Temple of the Wumpus (working title)

A topic by John D. Moore created Jun 09, 2018 Views: 400 Replies: 9
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I don't have a screenshot yet, but I do have over 3 pages of notes and dialogue. My initial idea with this was to make a game where you're not hunting a Wumpus, but instead are seeking a divine Wumpus in order to pray in its presence. I'm trying to make a spiritual/quasi-religious game, which is a big departure for me!

I'm adapting the mechanics of the original game to make this work and with what I want to accomplish it's proven important to sketch out the game design really firmly before I start attempting to program it. With this set up now, though, I think I'm ready to start programming it this week. 

I had initially not wanted to call the divine Wumpus a Wumpus, but I started using it as a placeholder when I couldn't come up with anything else. It... might stick around.

In lieu of a screenshot, here's a peek at the Google Doc where all this planning is happening:

Here's a screenshot (with variables printed on screen)! One of over a hundred rooms that will be in the final game.

I have another screenshot! I'm no all that accustomed to dev blogging, so this is kinda new to me! Please bear with me! 

The temple is going to have over 100 rooms and hundreds of lines of text. I've got most of the former programmed and laid out and most of the rooms (they're laid out, but some finesse and design flourishes will be necessary/desired if time permits). The next major step will be tweaking my dialog boxes, inputting those scripts into the game, and then locking down the Wumpus movement/seeking mechanics (yes, my Wumpus moves!).  

I'm developing this game in both an extremely methodical but also stream-of-consciousness improvised sort of way. I'm excited to finish and share it!

super digging the look of those books and scrolls

do they contain wumpus related knowledge?

Thanks! There is so much Wumpus-related knowledge packed into this game. Thousands of words. I'm kind of out of control.

hell yes

i want to read some scrolls about wumpus

I just released this!

oh yeah

its wumpus lore time

i loved it!!!!! i finally managed to pray in the presence of the wumpus after much wandering and wow


what a journey

i loved the mood and the tone of this so much

Ah! Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm glad you had something that sounds like the experience I hoped people would have with it!