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omg please let me know! i will love to play it... things like these make my day :)

glad you enjoyed it! and thank you for the comment :)

ps: there's a bit more after the ending if you're curious

thank you! im glad you liked it :)

(ps: spoilers: theres a little more... if you start the game again... )

mama mia

you might want to meditate for a little longer in that room ;)

thank you nilson! im glad you enjoyed it!

the mouse spins according to your input... but spinning barely changes your trajectory! if you want to go somewhere, just aim your initial jump there :) hope that helps!

thank you nilson 💖

thank you!!! glad you liked it :)

thank you! im happy you enjoyed it!!

i come back to this every once in a while and watch ducks

i loved it!!!!! i finally managed to pray in the presence of the wumpus after much wandering and wow


what a journey

i loved the mood and the tone of this so much

oh yeah

its wumpus lore time

pokemon snap 2 wumpus sea courier report is pretty much finished! i'm pretty happy with how it turned out, gonna let it sit for a bit tomorrow and upload it!

oh wow its cool that there's a homebrew scene for this in 2018! also i like the color combination

wow youtube kinda destroyed all the nice dithered look but you get the idea

thanks!!! yeah the idea is that you have to operate an olde timey camera to take some photos without crashing or being eaten, im still working out how the wumpus will behave, but

looking pretty good so far, but feeling like it will be kind of a shame to put a dangerous wumpus in this and spoil all the chill vibes

i might make encountering it a somewhat uncommon occurrence so its more like a rare cryptid

hell yes

i want to read some scrolls about wumpus

(1 edit)

its a flight simulator where you have to photograph the rare sea wumpus

with pseudo 1 bit dithered visuals that change color according to how bad the smell of wumpus is

do not get eaten by wumpus!

i'm currently trying to 3d model an ugly ass wumpus, will probably upload it in case someone else wants to use it

super digging the look of those books and scrolls

do they contain wumpus related knowledge?

nice! i wish it was a bit longer because it feels like you could design pretty interesting puzzles around this mechanic


i played this until i was physically unable to click anymore

i know it's kinda against the spirit of clicker games but maybe if you could collect coins by just hovering the mouse over them it would be a little less exhausting. as it is it's a bit too much (for me at least)

glad you liked it! there's a route to get all coins without using up the flames but it requires a bit of careful planning

i like shooting coins!

the character moves way too fast though, maybe if it was slower it could be easier to dodge shots without falling off!

the scoring system is a little strange, since it rewards using up all the coins? maybe it should give you a bonus for remaining ammo after winning so you had to be precise to get the highest score?

this is good! and also hard. i'm gonna need some time to beat it!

it would be good if the part at the very beginning was a bit easier/had fewer choices to make though, imo. or not. it's good either way!

i liked this! it's obviously unfinished but it has a super evocative feeling that i love. very good spooky feeling which was hard considering the jam restrictions!

good! i like the music choices, they're super weird in a good way, and the sound effects are deliciously crunchy

a little health recovery powerup or something would have been useful before the boss fights, because they're pretty fun and i think i'd have enjoyed them more if i didn't have to be super careful in them or have a little breathing room to learn the patterns without having to replay the level

good job!

i liked it, unfortunately everything seems too random and the game is just rushing around picking up everything. i wish there was a little more decision-making in this because it would have worked well in a stressful setting like this!

very good! the controls are weird and the character has enormous inertia but it's somehow pretty fun to play? it reminds me of original super mario bros water levels or some sort of slow deliberate flappy bird. also it looks really really really good!

i wish there were fewer coins though, collecting all of those is a bit too much considering you die in one hit.

good job!

i liked this! the shadow thing works well and you did a good job making it easy to learn in such a short game!

i wish enemy placement was a little less random though, the last two stages especially. the difficulty variation resulting from different enemy configurations was a bit too high imo.

good job!

140 iq but not enough iq to read readmes

thank you! i'm gonna listen to this

you're the best malibunny thank you for everything <3

i guess anything i can say about this is sorta spoilery but: this game increased my iq by at least 140 points. can't wait to play it with another human being!

also i really dig the music, where can i hear more of this

thank you!!! i've never played king's field 1 but i had king's field 2's aesthetics in mind a lot while making this, and it was one of the main inspirations for making this ridiculous thing. really glad you enjoyed it!!!

also, re: secret places/endings...

***spoilers ahead***
there's a couple places that aren't lit by any lights, but you should be able to spot them after you've done enough push-ups, since gaining muscle slightly improves your vision (caps at 200 muscle)... and the secret ending is defeating the red muscle spirit and becoming it yourself... thus being trapped in the muscle world... forever (there's no credits screen)

nice crying, leland