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you already knew i would say this but massive banger good job as always

thanks for playing! there is an alternate thing, but it's kind of very hard to get haha

thank you for enjoying it, it means a lot!! <3

counting them as two! and thanks for playing!! <3

go under the ocean you must... and when you come back,...

thanks for your kind comments! it means a lot! only 2 endings to go...

bagenzo has done it once again...

there is another secret area you might have not found yet... i think everything will click once you do! five hanging heads... good luck! and thanks for playing!

(replied elsewhere to avoid spoilers) not a bug, but i will change this behavior to avoid what you described!

sorry it took so long, i was busy with work. it should be up now!

thank you for playing! the talking mechanics are intentionally vague, but as a hint: the ones you type with the "i" key are somewhat different. the rest all work in combinations of two sub-symbols to make a symbol. hope that helps! i will add backspace in an update probably tomorrow

one of them should open, check all of them! otherwise its a bug 😅 thanks for playing!

thank you for the report! i will update a fix for those softlocks soon... good luck with the door :)

yes. some sacrifices require particular objects. dont worry too much about this one though

search for a secret passage... in one of the caves... there should be a familiar shape in the environment

i had some trouble making quit to menu work properly because there are so many independent systems in the game, but i will add an in-game options menu in an update very soon! thank you for playing!

you can remap controls in the options menu! i will add an easy way to switch to traditional first person twin stick controls in a future update, too

if you want a hint: there are more desert caves... try to search for a  secret entrance... 5 things

it was me... da homa

sorry for the very late reply! no, the game doesn't really have an ending. the panels/book/valves were mostly meant as useless remains of ghen's machines! glad you liked it!

well unfortunately not everybody can survive in the world of muscle (you need big muscles for that)... best of luck to you in your life

thanks papa

thank you james! glad you enjoyed it

i got boggled... and spooked


omg please let me know! i will love to play it... things like these make my day :)

glad you enjoyed it! and thank you for the comment :)

ps: there's a bit more after the ending if you're curious

thank you! im glad you liked it :)

(ps: spoilers: theres a little more... if you start the game again... )

mama mia

you might want to meditate for a little longer in that room ;)

thank you nilson! im glad you enjoyed it!

the mouse spins according to your input... but spinning barely changes your trajectory! if you want to go somewhere, just aim your initial jump there :) hope that helps!

thank you nilson 💖

thank you!!! glad you liked it :)

thank you! im happy you enjoyed it!!

i come back to this every once in a while and watch ducks

i loved it!!!!! i finally managed to pray in the presence of the wumpus after much wandering and wow


what a journey

i loved the mood and the tone of this so much

oh yeah

its wumpus lore time

pokemon snap 2 wumpus sea courier report is pretty much finished! i'm pretty happy with how it turned out, gonna let it sit for a bit tomorrow and upload it!