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Different widgets for Buy now and Play on

A topic by Gamepadable created May 12, 2016 Views: 254 Replies: 2
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I was wondering if it was possible to create different widgets - one for buying and one to play on - Right now when you enable web games it defaults to the "play on" but it would be nice to have the option for the "buy now" widget as well, especially if your web game is a demo.


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I'm not quite sure what you mean. "Enable web games"? You mean in the browsing section, or...?

EDIT: OK, you mean when you browse web games, they all say "Play In Browser". I dunno, I mean, the web game and the full game are different projects, I guess? Maybe there's a way to unlist the web demo of the game from the web section, and have a link to it in the full game page?

Sorry, I did a bad job explaining and I'm incorrect on a couple things. So i'll start over - When you're editing your game you have to select an option for kind of project. Selecting HTML will change the widget under Distribute to a "play now" widget instead of a "buy now" widget like if your kind of project was selected as Downloadable. Could this be changed so that if you're kind of project wast HTML you still could have the "buy now" widget ? Hope that makes a little more sense.