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Into The Hoop Demo

A basketball themed visual novel and dating sim with stat management! · By intothehoop

Full Game Release

A topic by LonelyLawyerGamer created May 30, 2018 Views: 1,224 Replies: 7
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Hey, It's Yase here. I loved the game. Is there an assumption about the release date of the full game?

whenis it going to be released on???


omg guys its been a while since we logged in here. The game is scheduled for release in Q2 2019! Thanks for asking (long ago!)


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The Game Is Super Fun! I Can't Wait For The Full Version! >o<

Has it been delayed?

Guys, It's Already March 2020 And I Still Haven't Seen The Full Version Of The Game :/



Hi guys, in case you missed the update, Into The Hoop will be launching first week of October 2021! Thank you for your patience!