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No, thank YOU, for creating! <3

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OMG!!! Is it complete?!?! I can't wait to start playing it again!!! I'm sure it's amazing already though! So well done for yor persistance to complete your art and THANK YOUUU for creating something so splendid!!!

We can't see that broken memory fragments right? I  completed all the endings but couldn't get them.

Is there a demo yet??


Infurubia community · Created a new topic The Demo So Far

OHMYGAWD!!! I'm SO in love. JUST... I MEAN??  It's such a great game composed of laughter and tears, loyalty and betrayal, love and hate... HOWISITSOPERFECT?!?! 

And a new world, just for the creator to own and share..

I'm SOOO in love with every one of the characters. 

Thank you for creatin this sharing it with us. Can I request a link to where I can follow the developments?

😔 They all do. 

Your characterization of the personas are unique... It's my favourite in all the qualities you and your creation have.

 They all manage to steal our poor little hearts...

We're so glad you got well! And it is true thay we are impatient for the game and your updates but your health in each way comes first so PLEASE TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOURSELF ♡♡♡

Hello!! I fell in love with the game, and how the main character is not a straight, flawless hero but a realistic person! How is the development going?  Is there a site in which I can follow the dev. closely?

I loved the prologue and am so very excited for the possible creation of the game. I am very sorry you are not ready to submit yourselves into it but things do get tough and struggles are real hence you have my complete respect and support. 

Besides that, excellent work in the prologue! So well done!

Oh.... Wouldn't miss it in Hell! Thanks, and great work with everything you touched so far! Keep up the greatness!

Umm... Excuse me, I couldn't follow what was happening here, And certainly would like to learn since this creation is one of my faves... So... What intro, What's happening?

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Awwwwww... Why must you hurt me like this?!?!

I love your works in general and that one was also worth the time! I may have or have not fell for Fabious...

Tho, one question I couldn't get an answer for: To whom does the pendant belong???

Thank youuu!!

Thank you for the information!!!


Can I pretty pleeeeasee have a probable release date?

I'm so sorry for your  lack of sponsors :( . I really love the concept of the game an am impatient to play it's full version But while you two are putting already so much into this, I don't want to trouble any of you. Though, still, I'm counting on you!!! Good luck with the game and the difficulties you each face each day! 

How is the development going?

We are waiting  for your project to come alive enthusiactically. Ok, don't inform us on the update if you don't feel like it but at least tell us you are doing fine. We all hope you are  well. But this silence is scaring us.

With best of the wishes


Same here, it sounds great!

Hey, It's Yase here. I loved the game. Is there an assumption about the release date of the full game?

Good luck with real life!

Lots of Love!!!


IT IS FRIGGIN' AWESOME!! I LOVE your works! Sorry for being SO impatient but, When will the full game be released?

Hi! I am very interested in this game. Is there a guess for the release date of the full game?

I'm in LOVE with the demo!!!! A brilliant job! Thank you for creating it!

It is a fascinating game! I love every character and the unfold of the story. Could you guys release a date for the whole game? I'm SO impatient!!  

That would be amazing!!

Hey! I!m Yase.

Sorry but how can I download it?