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Changeling Demo

A dark, fantastical romantic comedy that focuses not just on falling in love, but rediscovering your past. · By Steamberry Studio


A topic by LonelyLawyerGamer created May 20, 2018 Views: 255 Replies: 1
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It is a fascinating game! I love every character and the unfold of the story. Could you guys release a date for the whole game? I'm SO impatient!!  


Hey there! Esh and Sprocket here. OwO We're so happy to hear you like the demo. ;A; It honestly is super encouraging when people take the time to let us know they like it (or just give feedback in general.)

We were hoping to have the game released by now but due to some whacky (and sometimes frustrating) real life things, development slowed down a bit. I can't give you an exact date at this point other than - definitely this year and hopefully as soon as possible! We update our blog on tumblr every week so it's a good place to keep an eye for updates and the occasional sneak peek!  

Currently we have Corvin completely coded, Marc completely coded, Danny and William almost completed coded, Elliot partially coded and Ewan...well, he's still in the works. We still have some art to complete as well but the game is forging ahead and it gets worked on every single day. So it's just a matter of time before it's ready, we promise!