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Hi, I wanted to know if the Steam edition is censored in any way. Thank you!

Oh dear, I spent another 2 hours yesterday trying to get those two missing endings... and I couldn't manage it. I've had all four options too and yet they did not make a difference.

It's nice to know that there's an artbook with a guide but right now it would be really irresponsible for me to spend money since I got sent home to be in lockdown without my paycheck :(

To the devs: you just released this and I'm already yearning for another game from you ;D

I find myself utterly unable to get endings 2 and 8! Any hint, please? ;D

Is this project dead?

My favourite one of the series!

Just a heads up: you put the Android icon for your Linux download, so it may have confused some people

This was AMAZING! I'd love to read any sort of sequel.

Thank you for making this!

Has it been delayed?

Hey, I just wanted to let you know that if you meant the Goodies folder to be the one with the unlockable wallpapers for 5$, there's currently a mistake and it can be downloaded for free