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Carpentry Story 馃尣馃獡

Restore town and save residents by making furniture! 路 By fizzlymike

How to upgrade house?

A topic by LukeHeart created Sep 10, 2022 Views: 215 Replies: 5
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How do i upgrade the house? I have all the materials except the planks cause it says i need 100 even though it only goes up to 99. bt it also says I need to remove all the furniture. How do i do that?

Developer (1 edit)

You need to keep the materials in material storage to upgrade house. 99 is limit for your backpack. To remove furniture, go to the edit/furnishing mode and just take things back to your backpack before proceed the upgrade. Stove and windows does not count as furniture. I hope this helps.

How do I put it in edit mode on desktop? Just confused because I don't see it anywhere.

Developer (3 edits)

Sorry, but I'm confused by your question. You mean how to enter edit mode? It's page down or page up key.

(1 edit)

I didn't know what page up or down key meant. On my keyboard, it was Q that put it into edit mode. Another question I had was what triggers the  bottommost left shop to open, as I have finished the town square and all the other shops.

Edit: Never mind, I got the game ending. Thanks!

Developer (2 edits)

Good to know, thanks for playing! Yup, Q and E also works the same as page up and page down (which are keys located over the arrow keys on your keyboard).