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is this game no longer downloadable? 

How do i upgrade the house? I have all the materials except the planks cause it says i need 100 even though it only goes up to 99. bt it also says I need to remove all the furniture. How do i do that?

How big is the file to download?

Played this game today and I gotta say it was really cute. well done

Glad I downloaded the demo first. Unfortunately won't be buying this game. First things first this demo had zero audio for some reason no matter how loud my computer settings was and what the game settings said which was strange. Secondly the game was like 20 minutes of just cutscenes alone, also the cutscenes were super laggy. Another thing is that the battle system didn't work right because of the lag it wouldn't allow me to correctly do the timed events after the attacks or to defend. While the visuals are pretty this isn't a game I can give a shot at, Though I will say it is a pretty unique design to have the 4th wall break with the player being able to chat with the main character every so often so well done.

Is there a walkthrough for this game? i'd like to find all the bones and flowers

Unfortunately while the visuals look really good in this game the gameplay itself is mediocre. The dialogue is really childish and stupid for both of the main characters and makes this game very unappealing.

Just finished playing this game after I had checked out the remake demo a few days ago and I can say this was very enjoyable.  I definitely see the differences in this and the remake but they're both enjoyable experiences. glad i gave it a shot. 

As good as this game looks i think i'm going to have to download the demo to see how well it will play on my computer first. Don't want to buy and then suddenly have the game lagging non stop lol. Is this game available on steam or just itchio?

Just played this and it's very fun. can't wait for the full release

As good as this looks all my systems on my computer are telling me his is a virus so i'm not gonna download it.

There's definitely a bug here. After you leave the first area after the town you started in when you try to go to the second city the game crashes and the screen goes black. If you try to press esc when in the black screen mode a TypeError pops up. Can't progress from here unfortunately. 

Very fun demo. enjoyed the game greatly. Good work

Oh wait I had already gotten all endings. I just forgot to include the can't escape ending because it wasn't connect to getting any of the three characters endings so my mind decided to skip over it lol. That was a really fun short game. 

Hello! Can I ask for a update on progress for the voice patch? It's been a little while since the reminder on voice acting patch that came out 49 days ago so I was just wondering about how much voice acting has been completed at this current moment and to hopefully get a general estimate on how much longer it will take. No pressure or anything of course! I'm just curious about it is all.

This is a really good game. It is pretty short but I really liked the story and characters. It's definitely different from what I usually play but I like it. I look forward to future game created by you. 

This game was pretty good. I would like to see these characters in a future game because all the characters are so unique and interesting. My favourite characters have to be the main two and also Goose. Really liked their design and personality. I was able to get the true end on the first try because of all the clues that the game gave you. My second suspect was Miss Myers because she just acted strange. I hope to see future games about these characters in the future as I would gladly play them. I'm also interested in learning more about Goose and their imp/their backstory as I feel it would be very interesting to see since we don't know that much about them yet. Would also be fun to see how Goose met Lupine as well. Overall this game was really good so keep up the good work!

The demo for this game was good. The art is nice and the plot seems interesting. Can't wait to play the full game for this. Good job.

Huh wasn't expecting this to have a price tag when I came back to check on it lol. Good game, played it around the time it came out. Was very enjoyable to play and I like Keldrans and Aces relationship a lot. it's very cute.

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The save and load options are really buggy. When you load to a save the dialogue from the point you loaded back from plays but in the background it also restarts the day and plays that dialogue as well. Also the skip option doesn't work for me.

I think I got only 5 endings. can you please tell me the names of all the endings so i can see if I got them all or not? I got 2 from the demon, 2 from the right person and 1 I think from the other guy (not gonna say the names cause spoiler for potential players lol).

Was this game dropped?

How do i open this file? its not a zip file so even when i download it it doesn't work :/

So excited for the full release! i've been following this game for a long while and I can say that this game looks so good! Can't wait to play fawns route. It's hard to choose whos my fav between him and Leos but I think it has to be him.

I ended up finishing the game and I can say I liked it quite a bit. For me the most difficult part was getting the ink. While this game was good I will say I do like Misfiction a bit better then this game but overall they both are fun to play. Great game.

Hello. I really like the game but i'm having issues with the running away part. Whenever i try to run from chase and then go through a door he suddenly appears behind me and its impossible to get away from him. I've tried multiple times but it just doesn't work. good game regardless. sad I can't get the other 2 endings though due to that problem when running from chase.

This game is pretty good. I was able to recruit 15 characters (including Lukas). Just a question though can you somehow enter the royal palace and also can you recruit the dragon brother? (can't remember the name sorry). Overall I really like this demo! the items I didn't really need though because of all the inns and the free sleeping places all over the map. I also loved Niah's reaction to all the teasing the people in different places said.

From my experience no error message showed for me. what would happen would be that I would be playing the game and then all of a sudden the game would freeze. My first experience with this was when I was listening to the phonograph, I could still hear the games sounds but the text froze and wouldn't continue, this also happened to me after I exited the room where Zakhari was and when it was time for the cutscene the whole screen went black. I could still hear the sounds of when I try to access the menu but the game wouldn't actually respond and none of the buttons would work. If I quit off the game and then load back to my save the game usually worked the second time though. Actually on one instance I believe I had a error message saying unknown error but the other times the game kind of just froze. Sorry I couldn't help with the crashing issue more.

This was a really good game. Now there were a few small issues with the game crashing a few times and when running to the balcony at the end the game starts lagging really bad but overall I really enjoyed it. I ended up collecting all 15 coins and seeing the bonus room too which was fun. 

My computer say this game is dangerous to download, is not commonly downloaded and should be discarded So I can't install thus game. wish I could play it since it looks interesting but oh well.