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Planet exploration and survival game with base building. · By Cairn4

Test build of v0.44

A topic by Cairn4 created May 28, 2018 Views: 707 Replies: 9
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Just uploaded "" to the store page - this is a preview version of v0.44 that I'd love to get some people to check out and test their save files with. It also features the new HUD redesign.

Things might not work. It might crash. You've been warned :P


There's two ways to test out this version of MewnBase.

Method 1 (preferred, so that you can load up an existing save file):  First, make a backup of your existing MewnBase folder. Then replace the .jar file with the new desktop-1.0.jar from this zip.

    Windows: mewnbase-win64/game/desktop-1.0.jar
    Linux:  mewnbase-linux64/desktop-1.0.jar
    MacOS: mewnbase-osx/

Method 2:  If you have Java installed, you can run the .jar directly

If you encounter a crash or game-freeze, please let me know!

Very nice work, thank you for the update. The new HUD is much more fine-grained and looks good. It was confusing at first because elements from left and right switched their places, but after a few minutes a became accustomed to it.

Also there were no hitches, freezes or crashes at all. The old savegame was converted, and I could continue. I am using Windows

Well I tried the update and my old save gave a message it needed to update.

After doing so it simply crashes every time I try and load up the save.  How do I forward the crashlogs to you?

Afterwards I started a new game and I do like the new HUD.

I am using Windows.


Please email me the crashlog txt file over to, it should be right in your main MewnBase folder with the exe in it  -  thanks!  

Sent you the logs.

Hope they help.


Awesome, thank you! Will look into them this evening.

I tried it on 3 saved games. 

Windows 10 Pro x64 PC.
java version "1.8.0_171"
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_171-b11)
Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 25.171-b11, mixed mode)

  • Smallest save files (a new game mission mode, literally was a new game). Updated successfully.
  • Second smallest saved game (mission mode day 2). Update successfully.
  • Largest file (endless mode day 49). Not successfully. Long description below.

I actually tried it on the largest file first, no success. Then on the two smallest saves, success. Then on the largest again, no success.

It doesn't crash, it's just stuck. The message say "fixing world chunks" and stays like that. I left it like 20 mins on my first try. Restored backup and try again. the same thing. It looks like it's stuck on the same chunk (based on the files date).

I just Alt-F4 the game. Don't see a new crash log.

Maybe tomorrow I could try it on another pc (ubuntu 18.04 old-ish laptop). I have other saves there to test out too.

I backed up before testing and after each failure. How could I help? Send you just the pre-test save? Send you the pre-test and the two post-failure saves? As I said, no crash log available.


I should've posted in the build notes, or somewhere for the test version... if "fixing world chunks" doesn't finish within like < 30 seconds, it's probably borked.  I should definitely get that to fail more gracefully (error message, kick you back to main menu etc). 

If you want to zip up the pre-test save file and email it over to that'd be a huge help.  There's def some modules that I think I still need to update.


I have tried the "0.44 testing" version with two  save games, one from 0.38.2. and one from 0.43 (both Win 64). Both were converted without any problems.

I do like the new UI in general, especially the hunger bar and the daytime display.  However, I don't like the colors of the oxygen, health and hunger bars. I would prefer them to be displayed in default hud color (orange) and have them switch to flashing red or something similar if in critical condition.


Hey! Thanks for the feedback. That was def something I realized after I got them in: that the warning color of red wasn't looking good the way I had it setup before (when both bars were just orange by default).  Will have to think about how best to make sure that players can still easily notice at a glance once something has run low / run out.