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Thanks for the update!

Just wondering how hard it is to move things in the Tech Tree.

I am asking because while Advanced Modules says it requires Advanced Power, you also need Transportation.

The only thing needed from Transportation is the motor to make the Repair Drone.

So I was wondering if it might be possible to move the motor from Transportation to Advanced Power or add to

Advanced Modules the requirement of Transportation?

Thanks for a great game.

Thanks for the information.

I am not sure how many batteries were drained, but I think it was more then 2.

I had 6, but I am not sure how many were drained  before the strike so it was hard to tell.

Keep up the good work.

In my recent game I had lightning strike the base I was in.  

 I did not take any damage, but all of my batteries were drained and the base lost power.

Is this new or have I just never seen it before?

If it is new can we get a lightning rod :)

Sent you the logs.

Hope they help.

Well I tried the update and my old save gave a message it needed to update.

After doing so it simply crashes every time I try and load up the save.  How do I forward the crashlogs to you?

Afterwards I started a new game and I do like the new HUD.

I am using Windows.

First thanks for a fun game and keep up the good work.

Second has the drop rate of seeds from the basic green plant been reduced?

It seems to me that  it has as I usually play Endless mode and I seem to get one seed every 10 plants or so.

Maybe it is just my bad luck, but I thought I would mention it.

Third as a suggestion is it possible to allow the use of fruit to power the Biofuel Generator?

Thanks again for a fun game.