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A topic by Benjamin Soulé created May 07, 2016 Views: 980 Replies: 10
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---- Version 0.8 ----

  • new monsters : Snake, Scrounger and Harpy
  • new Items : Boomerang, Necklace and Fishing Rod
  • Killing all monsters on screen will now bring you to next floor.
  • Jail spawn rate now decrease with your total heroes number : Starting floor 4 you have 50/25/12/6/3/1% chance on each floors to spawn a jail if you have 1/2/3/4/5/6 heroes unlocked.
  • BugFix : No more freeze past lvl 10
  • BugFix : No more vanishing slots after drinking potion
Developer (2 edits) (+1)

---- Version 0.82 ----

  • new monsters : Mermaid, Muncher and Doppelganger
  • new items : Belt, Mallet
  • fairies change : +0.5 damage. if only one is hit -> leave without dealing damage and drop item if holding one.
  • vampire change : steal 0.5 life then morph to a bat.
  • You can now add up to 3x characters in your team
  • The level now scroll 3x rows instead of 2x when you open a door ( -> should help a bit to reduce monster variety on higher levels )
  • ingame help : now display a gold indicator on monster rollover
  • added mute, fullscreen, resolutions buttons ingame. (-> I will move them to options later )
  • Default key choosed on opening is always the lowest
  • I now reference one heart = 1 damage, 1/2 heart = 0.5 damage
  • BugFix : Flaming sword + fairy fixed
  • BugFix : No more testCol Fail error
  • BugFix : No more poison damage after leveling up

---- Version 0.83 ----

In / Out

  • new hero : Thief > start with lockpick + 02:24 26/05/2016see chest and purses positions )
  • new monster : Zombi > Heavy armor. Eats nearby monster to regenerate armor.
  • new item : Horn > Push all monsters to the left wall.
  • grappling hook and necklace removed.
New party system :
  • When you free a hero from jail he will immediately join your group ( with a level equal to the current floor )
  • Any hero you free from jail is permanently unlocked as a possible starting member for next games
  • You can select only one hero to enter the dungeon now ( 2 steps selection is still there but will be removed if we stick to this format )
  • Jails now always spawn at floor 3 and 8
Balance change
  • Knight loose the extra heart and start with armor instead
  • Fairies now seek out other fairies when they flee
  • More purses spawn on higher floors ( 1/2/3/4 on floor 1+/3+/6+/9+ )
  • Potions now spawn at levels 2/4/6/8/10 for easy mode, 3/6/9 for normal mode and 4/8 for hard mode.
  • floor indicator become text only
  • no more party member indicator if only one team membe
  • Wind rod can't swap with empty spaces or archeos anymore.
  • Mallet can't delete important items ( doors, keys... )
  • Fairies now drop items as planned in 0.82
  • No more screen resize after death.
---- Version 0.84 ----

In / Out

  • new hero : Priest
  • new monster : Gargoyle, Spider, Leprechaun
  • new item : Toolkit, Soap, Mirror
  • removed : Wolf, Watchdog, Blob, Ogre, Evil Root, Goblin, Sandals, Banisher, Dragon Sword, Helmet, Ice and Fire Rods
Balance change
  • Hero leaving jail now have full health
  • Taking an item when your inventory is full will just swap the item instead of destroying it.
  • Muncher's trap and bat's vampire always spawn at the lowest>most left member of the group.
  • Jail % is updated after flames effects
Developer (2 edits)

---- Version 0.85 ----

New Diffculty System

  • Difficulty now consist of a path of 10x encounters ( one for each floor )
  • You can see the path on rollover when you select difficulty

In / Out

  • new item : Water Gourd, Compass, Ointment
  • new monsters : Wraith, Minotaur
  • New encounter : Merchant -> trade item for gold.
  • Bull removed

Balance change

  • Naga change : ice a nearby monster each turn.
  • Leprechaun become a lvl 1 monster with 1 life. doesn't dodge attacks anymore.
  • Gargoyle become a lvl 3 monster with 1.5 life
  • Demon become a lvl 3 monster with 2 life
  • Ogre become a lvl 4 monster
  • Fishing rod can now get more than one fish ( 50% for extra fish until fail )
  • Cauldron now drop 30 gp instead of 50 gp
  • Finishing a level now heal all characters and spawn a key instead of just skipping to next floor
  • Crucifix/Ointment only appears if current or future floors have undead/venomous monsters.


  • Muncher's trap and Bat's Vampire now spawn on the group member you attack. Drop may be overlaped by important object like keys
  • Fire Rod can now target an empty space
  • Scounger show a potion icon when they steal a potion and a "?" when they steal a non-potion equipment.
  • Too much green monsters -> Blob become pink.


  • Boss shield is now correctly removed on gameover
  • Canceling a spell remove the "Choose a spell" instruction
Developer (1 edit)

---- Version 0.9 ----

Tower of Archeos now divided in two forms : free and full version. Full version include exclusive content :

  • 12x monsters,
  • 15x items
  • 2x heroes
  • 18x quests

New Content :

  • - New Items : Map, Round Shield, Whistle, +3 Rings ( destruction / protection / regeneration )
  • - Added quests
  • - Merchant now give you a choice among 4x items

Balance change

  • Mechanic change : weapons ( dragon sword & rapier ) can now be turned on and off.
  • Rapier change : Attack ennemies diagonaly if activated.
  • Dragon sword change : Burn attacked ennemies if activated.
  • Ghost change : dodge 50% of all attacks
  • Rat change : group only in diagonal
  • Harpy change : now carry other monsters if able
  • Gargoyle change : change into stone if more than one die in a turn;
  • Sandal change : Climb 3x additional rows when you open a door.
  • Grappling Hook change : Use it to climb a tower level. ( = old sandal effect )
  • Ring change : Reveal an item each time you hit a monster.
  • Water Gourd change : Heal 1 heart on each floor. Consume it to heal up to 6 hearts instantly
  • Necklace change : Ice all nearby monsters when you open a purse, a chest or a door.


  • Armored monsters ( except zombis ) are now immune to arrows
  • Burning monster now melt nearby iced monsters.

---- Version 0.92 ----

Scoring system

  • Your score depends on the maximum hero level and floor you can reach.
  • Killing Archeos or free heroes from jail increase your score.
  • You can setup a difficulty rank on start page, this rank will also modify your score


  • heroes now all have the same inventory size ( 4 slots )
  • Your first hero start with a potion
  • Merchants now spawn at floors 2/4/6/8
  • Jails spawn at floors 3/6
  • Skeleton dont spawn from undead creatures anymore.


  • new start menu
  • options moved to a single panel
  • replay button added on gameover screen


  • Doppleganger dont mess with group build anymore
  • Ring of detection now also detect keys

---- Version 0.93 ----

interface :

  • highscores table added
  • rank setup page rework

bugfixes :

  • quit button is now working correctly
  • score page is not skipped anymore after archeos death
  • gargoyle loop bug fixed
  • you cant get the same item twice from merchant anymore.

---- Version 0.94 ----


  • Cleaning a floor now unblock the door
  • blast ( = hit nearby armor/weapons/door ) doesnt trigger anymore if target is protected by Ogre, armored or is a doppelganger


  • 3 first quests dont mention any expansion monsters anymore
  • harpy no longer transport archeos
  • no more freeze if Archeos steal an item with automatic effect.
  • Archeos dont show up on floor #1 when you select the replay option.
  • parameter screen can't be opened twice anymore

---- Version 0.95 ----

New Items :

  • WARP SABER : If active, hit monsters beyond walls
  • ETHER ORB : replace a monster type with another


  • quest display reversed : unsolved quest are now darkened
  • new hero ui and background design


  • Frozen monsters now group up and can be killed with a normal attac ( they still inflict damage )
  • Archeos frozen ring attack is replaced with a defensive stone summoning.
  • If you die cleaning the last monster of a floor, you now benefit the health regen before the gameover trigger
  • SANDAL effect change : Now spawn an additional exit on each floors


  • escape key dont work if another panel is open.
  • no more freeze on highscore screen

---- Version 0.96 ----

New Hero :

  • ASSASSIN : Start with cloak and poisoned dagger, x4 gold on single target.

New items :

  • POISON DAGGER : if activated, mark monsters with poison instead of attack. Poison kill a monster each turn.
  • GLACIAL HAMMER : if activated Ice a nearby monster on each hit
  • CLOAK : You take no damage during your next fight.

Interface :

  • New menu
  • Added a cancel button for spell/items selections sequences.

Balance :

  • Prisoners spawn at floors 3/7 ( was 3/6 )
  • Merchants spawn at floors 2/5/8 ( was 2/4/6/8 )