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Giant Rat vs Stone Knife Stalemate

A topic by Mochnant created May 24, 2018 Views: 179 Replies: 2
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I picked up a stone knife and headed a few spaces south, where I met a Giant Rat.  We fought back and forth for some dozens or hundreds of attacks, hitting, missing and parrying, but seemed unable to make any progress.  I think we were healing faster than we could damage each other.  In fact, I started the combat (and the game, actually) as Wounded, and before I got bored and wandered away, I had actually healed to Healthy, and the Giant Rat was only Sad and Tired.

Seems a little strange to have this sort of stalemate in a combat situation.


Thanks for letting me know, Mochnant! I just uploaded a build with an updated method of handling damage calculations that should help alleviate issues like the ones your described.


That's great, thanks for the quick reply and enhancement!