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Results are in and congratulations to all the participants!

Just 2 days left to get your votes in!  Let your voice be heard!

I may be that I wasn't totally following the action on the screen but I didn't notice anything nearby.  Either way, congrats on getting it submitted!

I hardly even know what to say.  A silly game, for sure, but I think that was the intent.

Congrats on getting the game over the finish line!

Looked good, and I like the concept, but something was off with the controls (running on Win 7).  Trying to turn resulted in a 360 spin that usually ended up going the initial direction.  The very lightest of taps could turn it but not consistently only one rotation.

A simple and fun idea.  Managed a score of 22 but not as easy a game as I expected.  Perhaps that is the idea the cat has, as well.  Would liked to have had a sound when scoring so it was easy to know when you were getting it right or wrong.

I saw that but hated to spoil it!  Probably should just to experience all the content.

Congrats on getting the game submitted!  Didn't get to the end as the restart save point seems to restart you with 10 wheat but there are no longer 10 wheat left in the level.  Was also able to get the score to be negative.  Sometimes when restarting at the first "save point" all the dogs had no smell radius without any bones thrown.

Thanks, that's very helpful!

Obviously no graphics or sound, but an interesting text adventure.  Well written, and the puzzles were reasonable and made sense.  Without spoilers, there was (to me) some interesting use of direction and what that meant.  I didn't get past the river but overall enjoyed it.

Thank you so much for the kind words!  Great feedback and I greatly appreciate it.

I agree 100% that it needs more variation.  Regarding the spawning next to the lab, yeah, that is an issue.  I actually added in a hex distance calculation to combat that but while then distance works I ran out of time to get it into the game logic.

I appreciate that!  As it goes, lots of idea got cut in service to the jam deadline.

Wasn't fun exactly, but I like the concept.  Controls were a bit floaty and that caused me trouble on the platforms.

Interesting idea, a little confusing that you're not the ship at first.  I seemed to die for unknown reasons from time to time.

Were any updates made to the game as part of the Second Chances Game Jam?

Wasn't able to play it on Windows 7.  It crashed.

Less than 8 hours to go, so get those projects in!

Hope the jamming is going well.  Join us on Discord and showcase your progress!

Looking forward to jamming with everyone.  July 1st is very close!

Thanks to everyone who has joined!  Feel free to post questions here in the forums and I'll do my best to answer them.

I have to agree it would be pretty great if this was done in 2 days.  I overall liked it, though hard to follow the gaining of resources.

Great update, and I appreciate all the technical details!

Looking good!

Great update, thanks for the info!

Very interesting dev log, thank you for taking the time out of doing actual work to keep us updated.

I didn't even realize they were mushrooms.  They looked like generic ground cover/texture.

I didn't see it until you mentioned it, but now it cannot be unseen.

The devlog was great!  I know it is very time consuming but it is nice to see the inner workings of the process.

Played the 0.3 Demo and generally enjoyed it.  Great job!  

The art style is nice, and the dedication to story is great.  

I did think there was a lag in the pacing of the conversation with the soldiers.  It didn't feel meaty enough in the information received to justify the time spent at it.  Maybe if they are intended to be more major in the future.  I also found the tone of the soldiers to be a little flippant or perhaps too casual when discussing the dangers of the road.  That's surely a personal preference, though.  Perhaps it was the density of all the references during the info dumps that made it seem so.

I found the typing minigame to be less interesting.  It's obvious there must be a secret door there but randomly trying in keywords to find the right pattern was not too fun.  It also seems to reset when you type in a wrong word, so I repeated the same keywords many times to get back to where I left off.

I'm sure more graphics will come with time, but would love to see some of the soldiers, the gryphons, etc.

I look forward to the process and improvements, thanks for putting the demo out there!

Interesting development blog, keep it up!

Looks great!  Would love to see doors and ladders, too.

Looks lovely.

Agreed!  Great consistency!

Glad to see a devlog praising Godot.  I've only just picked it up myself (coming from Unity) but I'm already a fan!