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A topic by NeithR created May 07, 2016 Views: 213 Replies: 1
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Hello, I am usually called Vsio NeithR. I am currently working on KaKiKelin. The game is a runny type game based on my old game, Runny Square, and my newer game, Looping Zip. Unlike my older games, the character of the game won't get instant death when hitting the wall. I also will use the Runny Kit to help me developing the game which was also used to develop Looping Zip.

KaKiKelin Game Page

The game will have these features:

  • Quest
  • Health
  • Exploration
  • Boss
  • Enemies
  • and much more

The game is still in early development. So far, I am still making the mockup and the concepts.

Screenshot (from Looping Zip as gameplay example)

Mockup Screenshot

More updates will be posted in the future.

Feel free to give your feedback.

Several days have passed and I haven't given much progress to KaKiKelin. So yesterday and several hours ago I improved the tiles and gave Kelin a full body in chibi form. I made the map using Tiled, a great tool to help making map using my tiles

Forest Map

Cave Map

Kelin's full body

My next target is to improve the tiles and add more tiles. Also I need to study more about anime and body proportion to give more loves to Kelin's appearance. Next time I probably give Kelin a personality and her background.