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Itch app only downloads WIN version; Itch web downloads correct version

A topic by argentpanthers created Aug 29, 2022 Views: 317 Replies: 2
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I'm publishing my hockey game for both Windows and Quest.  I'm using Unity w/SuperUnityBuild & Butler to upload both versions of the game.  If you download it from the web then either version downloads as-expected.

But if you use the Itch desktop qpp then clicking the Download button for either version will only download & install the Windows version.

Is there something special required for App and Web automatic downloads?

The game in question is Parsec Hockey League [ ]



Hey there,

From what I can tell, the Quest version is marked as an android app, which is correct. The Itch app, to my knowledge, only deals with executables, so it can correctly detect and run your windows version because that’s to be executed.

I don’t think the Itch app can deal with android apps in anyway, so the only option for users is to download it manually from the web and install it on their system.

Hope that helps :)

Thanks!  That makes sense.  Unfortunate, but it makes sense.  I was hoping the desktop app would auto download and unzip.

Manual downloads FTW!  :)