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Star Shaped Bagel

A turn based shoot-em-up with a ship made of blocks stealing blocks. · By st33d

New player Block Guide/ Tier List

A topic by Toodahoo created May 20, 2018 Views: 399 Replies: 12
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I have been working on this tier list; its pretty small for now, but when new blocks and new players come in, I can see this being quite useful.

I update it often, but I need suggestions from other players to make it more accurate. So far, almost all of it is based off of my play style, so feel free to give me suggestions, I will try to put them all into consideration. Thanks.

I probably should have asked st33d before making my own topic.. Oh well


New topics are good :D

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Gauss is really nice if you have either fighter factory or launcher gun, useless otherwise. Launcher gun is alson decent on its own because of it being hard to dodge.

How so?

With Gauss you can basically stall an enemy by repeatedly detaching blocks and forcing them to stay in place and reattach it, while the guided projectiles or fighters hammer them.

I already had this written down

 "Can sometimes pin enemies down while you damage them"

But i think the Gauss was changed, so i will have to look into this to see if it still works.

Its excellent now becuase of the AI; monsters will continuosly reattach it while you hamemr them with inpunity.

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Turns out this doesn't function as consistently anymore because the Gauss will displace blocks if they are adjacent to an empty space, so it no longer works on corners. But it should still work if your lucky to find a block on an enemy with 2 blocks adjacent to it.

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Update: Mine factory was added!

It's current placement and description is temporary, will probably be moving it a lot when I test it more.

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Also, it might be helpful to use the names the game uses for the blocks.

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Updated. I think i will have a separate column for their in- game names in the future.

I need help figuring out where Mine -Fac and Vacuum should g. I don't have much good experience with either.