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Its excellent now becuase of the AI; monsters will continuosly reattach it while you hamemr them with inpunity.

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Also, it might be helpful to use the names the game uses for the blocks.

With Gauss you can basically stall an enemy by repeatedly detaching blocks and forcing them to stay in place and reattach it, while the guided projectiles or fighters hammer them.

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Gauss is really nice if you have either fighter factory or launcher gun, useless otherwise. Launcher gun is alson decent on its own because of it being hard to dodge.

Sorry, PTCL acting up.

once I get all 4 blocks attached nothing happens. I went to the station thingy at the start, with all 4 blocks attached directly to my core even, and nothing at all happened. The radio continued to point to more indestructible blocks, too.

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Was playing around with the holo blocks in the pallette, placed a bunch of them and ran out of memory when I attached to them

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Wow, how did I not notice?

Got all 4 indestructable blocks and even arranged directly adjacent to my center piece, then placed my ship inside the starting area, but nothing happened, and the radar continued pointing me towards more indestructable blocks.

The danger system is buggy.

The danger system is buggy.

More complicated enemies being found sooner makes the game so much more fun to play. Nice update.

More complicated enemies being found sooner makes the game so much more fun to play. Nice update.

Arrgh got all 4 blocks and thought I was indestructable, didn't realize that clouds could go through blocks.

Sometimes the play button doesn't work and you have to refresh the page.

Not sure if this is a bug or a feature, but you can move while blocks are still moving around.

Yeah, this could be a pretty decent commercial roguelike.

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Decent update. I'll have to play more to have a real opinion, but ti's looking good. Have you thought about releasing it as a downloadable? I'd love to play it offline, even if it's just a locally-hosted copy of the webpage.

Also, a minor bug, but it seems like the game is slightly too tall to fit on the page without zooming out.

Fuel's a bit too common in the early game now, though. Perhaps you could make it so that fuel occurrence increase somewhat as distance from spawn increases? Either way, making it both more common and more fuel-giving makes it a bit overkill. Just making fuel blocks mor would be common was enough; how much fuel fuel blocks give and starting fuel should be like it used to be.

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In my defence, I didn't realize that the block was pushable or that blocks could cover those blue squares.

Second level is literally impossible. Snake is 5 blocks long, and therefore literally can't lie on both squares simultaneously.

Very simple to beat. Basically, utilize repetitive movements and cover the minimum amount of new space, and take advantage of how blocks can be pushed away from  areas when they grow.

Fuel isn't common enough once you get far from the base, due to enemies bogging you down.