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Bugspeed Collider

Single-and-local-multiplayer brawler with fully-destructible environments and super-powered beetles. · By Ghostbrite, Nick Splendorr,, EX.ULT VIDEOTAINMENT

Bug Reports Sticky

A topic by Ghostbrite created May 04, 2016 Views: 348 Replies: 7
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Please report any bugs you encounter here. Most useful: Screenshots and steps to reproduce the bug.

Yes, we know, Bugspeed, bugs, ha! We swear we haven't heard that one before.

Hello! We got this game as part of the bundle, thank you for including it. Sadly we can't get past the first menu, what are the controls please? We tried WASD, arrows, a controller, was really excited to try. Thanks :)


Ah, sorry to hear that! Are you playing on Windows?

Yes! We found out what the problem was though, just a dodgy controller. Had lots of fun thank you :D


Ah, glad to hear it! Thanks!  :D

hi! i'm on mac, and when dashing out of screen the game freezes, needing to force restart (tested on versus 2 players map)


Hello! Ah, sorry about that!

The unfortunate reality is that I do not currently have a means of supporting the Mac build of the game. I really appreciate your report, though. I'm going to log it, and will address this should I get the opportunity.

fair enough, developping for mac is complicated !