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Guardian Angel - A Weeping Angel Parody

An ominous thriller game based on strategic pathways and decision making. · By Spalato Bros

Guardian Angel, more like not a Guardian Angel!!

A topic by DrRemarkable created May 17, 2018 Views: 144 Replies: 1
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Not great at titles but great at playing games and this one I've now played.

My computer couldn't really handle the graphics but I did solider on through.

Nice roaming game, didn't find any puzzles though and found the angels but only once I hit end game.

Overall it scared the crap out of me which I love but more puzzles would be nice.


Thank you so much for playing. We noticed the frame-rate, even with the hindrance great effort you got 6/6. Your name will be added to the "Special Thanks" board in the next update coming out within today. The update aims to address the optimization of the game. Cheers.