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I like what you've created here, it doesn't feel like an indie game nor a demo, it's plays like an atmospheric horror which I enjoy and with the addition of puzzles you had me hooked.

The occasional jump scare kept me on edge and it helped to maintain a scary atmosphere, never sure is I'm being played or an actual scare is coming.

I didn't realise until after playing but you created a pretty wicked HUD too.

All in all your game was a pleasure to play and it made me sweat more than the average gym session.

Awesome work mate highly addictive,  usually search and collect game can get frustrating; but you've pulled it off.

I love that multiple enemies are after you too , forces the player to move which increases the fear as you may encounter the other one, brilliant.

What I found to be simply the best was the inclusion of a save button at the start menu, pick up where you left off it really drives the addiction.

I don't remember this episode in Arthur but I felt transported back to the peak of Arthur's day.

Fantastic work.

It never felt soooooo good to be back in the classroom, that is until I realised my teacher was wielding an axe.

This incarnation of Advanced Education really pushes the scare factor, right in your wide eyed face. Seriously.

If you've played Baldi or if you haven't Victor Strobovski's school for scared mutants is well worth a play through.

I hope so, it's been my life long dream since playing your game. 

Ever wanted to experience the nightmares of dogs?

Of course the answer is YES!

Then play Just Before The Swarm its a fantastically neat little horror game that packs some real terror.

Wise choice, why do we keep sending humans into the fray.

Enjoy all the fun of catching and getting spooked by ghosts without any of the DANGER, it perfect.

The cameras have to be my favourite part I didn't initially realise you can switch between the main and the arm camera, the arm camera really adds to the spook when you get those dolls.

I was difficult to control myself when playing this game, highly addictive comes to mind.

I don't really play strategy games and know I why but Control Room was something else, funny, scary and like I said just above, HIGHLY addictive.

Awwh I was just busting your balls, loved your game. 

When I played your latest creation I was confused at first, but then I read the instructions and everything fell into place.

You've upped the difficulty witch I love, dont get me wrong running round with an almost constant shotgun is fun but Hell House added a sort of fear skin to it, I was constantly afraid of death which in a horror game is something you want.

You also made make the player think, you're not on a linear path, you have to pick up and drop various tools to figure out the next piece of the puzzle.

I can see Shotguns influence on Witching Hour at Hell House and I can also see all the work you've built on top of that influence to create something new.

Well done, I thoroughly enjoyed the parts I managed to play.

Sorry I couldn't complete. 

To start I was so incredibly frustrated with this because I may have been trying to play with my keyboard.

But once I switched to a USB controller boy oh boy did me and this game click.

The controls are pretty standard run, jump, the usual but the origami element really took the biscuit and the fact that the different structures control differently is a step above.

The general atmosphere of the game really shines through as well you can tell how much passion and hard work went into this, truly fantastic work.

My only gripe is that on the spider part the paper boy constantly got stuck when running up inclines, I had to constantly jump and even then he'd sort of stick every now and then, sorry I'm just reliving the 100 attempts I made at that part.

Good job.

Thanks for showing us anythings possible!

This game surprised me, from the screen shots it looked like a point and click novel style game which I was looking forward to play but to then be informed I have WASD key control was awesome.

The way the paper reacts to the controls and environment I cant imagine how much work must have gone into this from a technical stand point this is top rate.

Oh and the story telling was good too I didn't forget that :)

People said it couldn't be done but you've managed it, you created a horror game about a hair.

For it being a point and click game you succeeded in scaring me more than i thought possible when dealing with hair. The story telling is perfect too, like a well crafted drink it's neat with a delicious twist.

Awesome art, amazing vocals and a story that''' make your head turn so quick you'll decapitate yourself.

Brought to you in a tidy little bundle of a game.

Good work.

I see GREAT potential in this one, your prototype is a perfect pocket dimension of fear it did a great job of exposing me to plenty of atmosphere and jump scares.

I can only imagine the terror I'll feel playing the complete version and I encourage you to continue making games to scare, you clearly have a talent for it.

Bugger, sorry mate, I'll do better next time I promise 😭😭

Slonderman is a tidy little parody, it runs smoothly and the mechanics are easy to grasp, dash and grab.

It's obviously not as scary as the original but it did give me a couple jumps and plenty of laughs.

Plus it's an easy win, so if you've had a tough day and fancy feeling like a winner give it a go and keep run held down :D.

The depth and dialog you get from the characters is so well constructed I honestly felt like I was hold these bananas IRL its a true love tale.

Shakespeare himself would fall and weep at the emotional connection you develop with each and everyone of these yellow gold souls.


Path Games, you have managed to inject terror and fear into every nook and cranny of this horphanage (that's horror orphanage not what you're thinking).

The atmosphere kept me on the edge throughout and that addition of puzzles was something I wasn't expecting but bloody loved.

Thanks for creating this I look forward to playing more of your creations.

My favourite game by Dave yet, the music really fits the old timie  sci-fi vibe and the monsters pace is way better, I actually managed to escape a few times.

I can see this becoming rather addictive, attempting to complete the monster list.

Lovely work Dave.

Ahh, thanks for the help :)

Created a new topic Itch to Steam migration?

Will we be able to port save game data from playing the itch version to the Steam version? 

Posted in REDO! comments


Your game screams PO-TEN-TIAL, the current game play is understandably short but it does well to teach you the basics and demo the environment.

I loved the fact you allow a USB controller and it works super well, it worked so well that I had to cut ALOT of dead air from the let's play as I kept getting lost in the magic and wonder of your creation.

Well done Redo!

If you're thinking of playing this game; let me tell you... You Really do. 

Not great at titles but great at playing games and this one I've now played.

My computer couldn't really handle the graphics but I did solider on through.

Nice roaming game, didn't find any puzzles though and found the angels but only once I hit end game.

Overall it scared the crap out of me which I love but more puzzles would be nice.

Very tense and difficult enough to offer a challenge without going as far as rage quit. Loved the eye mechanic especially the color overlays that come with each eye. 

Good stuff! 

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Love what you've created, a healthy blend of spooks and scares with an injection of funny to boot!

This is exactly how I imagine Baseball in Hell would be.

Love those crazy weird I'm gonna say demons, no idea how you programmed those but amazing work.

I'd call this a real horror, it was deep and the ending was light.

A good story of recovery.

If you're thinking of becoming a cannibal play this game first, it really helped me understand the risks.

Fantastic game, I expect this to feature at E3 as Game of the Year. 

Kept me engaged, got a couple spooks in, tidy little package of a game you made here.

I'd love to see a version where you play as the dad who it turns out is equally scared of monsters, something to really laugh at.


This is in not way the game I thought it was when I first downloaded it but Holy Hell am I glad I did You Left Me is just Fu*king beautiful, the sound track alone is reason enough to play.

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It's always nice to meet your neighbours... Just don't be quick to judge them.

Sorry I got the name wrong.

Created a new topic Played it... And some others.

Not sure how I feel about these.


LIKE BEING CHASED!? got a fetish for it maybe wellll you'll love The Butler.

Find the keys and lie to the Butler but be careful, If he catches you the Butler will indeed have done it.

This is the scariest game I've EVER played.
(Where you're a bicycle)

Very relaxing although it does loose a few points as I wasn't able to feed the duckies.

Welcome to The colony, can you solve the murder or will the murder solve you?

Hidden in a dome away from the outside lies a small village riddled with mystery and MURDER?

Bed times the Best time... Unless you suffer from violent and scary hallucinations!!

AmberDrop you've created something beautiful here, for an indie game the graphics, controls and general terror of the game is on more beautiful than birth itself.

Prepare yourself, for this experience is one of pure fear!

Hidden away under the ocean (I think) lies a man locked in battle with a creature known as Subject 76 (I think), the two barley surviving in the heated hollow tin they know as home.

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