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Bed times the Best time... Unless you suffer from violent and scary hallucinations!!

AmberDrop you've created something beautiful here, for an indie game the graphics, controls and general terror of the game is on more beautiful than birth itself.

Prepare yourself, for this experience is one of pure fear!

Hidden away under the ocean (I think) lies a man locked in battle with a creature known as Subject 76 (I think), the two barley surviving in the heated hollow tin they know as home.

You got GCSE's, A levels, College or Uni work?
GET THIS GAME you'll be number 1 in all fields.

Show your Courage in Courage's Curse the family friendly frustration factor of fun!!!

This game reminds me of the Rick Roll website only BETTER! 

And yes its true even Adele couldn't do it.

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The pixelated horror complete with spooky child, hordes of bugs (insects not programming issues) and one cold,  cold heart... but whos' heart may shock you.

Imagine a heart attack + a ship in a bottle and you've got Anxiety: Lost Night.

Brilliant game, really blew me aware with how sophisticated the game feels and of course the scare the factor hits 100!

Here's PART 2 I couldn't fit it all my love for this game in one video.

Seriously go play this!

Part one of the BEST fever dream I've ever had, I cant believe this is an indie game its a bloody masterpiece! 

This game is the love child of Killing Floor and The Impossible game, it's super murderous and addictive as hell. I can feel the itch to  play creeping in the back of my head.

This scared me more than I thought, thoroughly enjoyed the art style especially the animation of the monsters legs running.  

Its a demo, but MADiSON is a pretty scary game it did well to conjure fear in me.
I'm looking forward to the finished product here's some real potential.

Please make another but this time use Squidward, that'd be one spicy game!!!!



I hope this is the first in a long series of Spooky Spongebobs emulators.