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Confusing, startling, odd, just a couple words I'd use to describe what you've created here.

Good job, the Silent Hill inspiration really bleeds through.


Well that was fun, kinda failed on the first half I didn't realise you could run but part two was better in my opinion.

I like that Scoob follows you it provides more scares when you forget he's there.

Good work Mr Microwaves Games.

This is dope dude I'd love to know how you managed to create this.

Never played any of the Zelda games but if they're as good as this i might have to give them ago.

I'll keep an eye out for the next addition, you should be very happy with what you've created here.

This is frustratingly hard but worth it... I imagine.

Crazy in depth story and control like an IKEA bed frame.

Will play again as frustration took over but all in all I enjoyed my time in this universe.

I wish my computer was better, it did not handle this game well.

That combined with my inability to control the chair resulted in what some may describe as a fucking mess but others call enlightening.

Preemo job.

Scary check, story check, mystery.... You'll have to play to find out.

And if you ask me it's worth a playthrough, it's not too long if you've got a keen eye and its was engaging enough to keep full attention throughout.

I'm interested to see what the full game will be like since in my opinion this is a tidy little fear present as is.

I remember this episode fondly Marge needing those eggs, Bort also needing those eggs, beautiful memories.

Sweet gameplay mate, it feels like Simpsons Hit and Run, swells of childhood memories came runshing back, good job.

The end is near, Baldi has taken over!!

Did you even stop and think about why you created this before you did?!!!

Mr.Stark something does feel right...

I'm absolutely loving these mods the spawn of your digital child.

Endless joy.. but something doesnt feel right with this one.

Howdy again, number one fan again, this time with a mod that'll satisfy every internet urge and addiction you got.


You know what doesn't suck, this graphically intense mode, I feel it really adds more depth to Baldi and the rest the education gang.

But for real this is gave me a pretty good laugh, thanks for making Baldi's basics it's the gift that keeps on giving.

it doesn't hold a candle to the original but man is Baldi diverse, it really can work with any character!

And Mario's chant of death really does add an extra dimension.

I do love a good puzzle, but sometimes i have no idea whats going on.

Careful who you find on the internet, not all room mates are who they say they are.

First off sorry for my laggy video it's my laptop, not the best but your game was awesome it's a relatively simple story that packs a decent amount of scare.

A sweet little horror dimension compressed in a zip file.

First off, this ran so smooth so high marks from me already.

interesting way of depicting brutality and the scares through out kept my bottom held tight.

I think there was a message in there too at the end but i'm not 100%

Overall lovely game, well made and it ran like a dream, good job!

Very fluid and pretty creepy a good play.

I especially like the addition of the under bed sneak attacks really keeps you ready to react. Sweet pixelated art style too the 3D environment with a retro lens lovely.

Mate, this is some of your best work yet.

Spookier! Panic-ier! Just a real pleasure to play.

Hope you enjoy my playthrough as much as I enjoyed playing.

Didn't see it coming, you've got a real m night shyamalan twist... Or do you.

For real i'm not sure but I am sure about my like for your game.

Also how did you create that underwater effect on the voice? Its super cool

Smooth, that's how this game plays, like swimming in a velvet smoothie.

The horror wasnt wasted on me either, from the twisted heads that follow your every move to the quick flashes of people running over the CCTV system you had me tensed and sweaty for my entire play through.

I really enjoyed the extra "item" you get at the table it provided a sense of security without making me any less scared.

Nice job.

BRILLIANT I'm so glad you made a Squidward version!

By far my favourite game you've made, the mechanics of it were different to your usual style but in a good way, I wasn't overwhelmed by the usual frustration I feel.

Plenty of surprises too BEST GAME 2018.

Would play again.

Thanks for making!

Tidy little game, nice animations and wonderful music, I agree with the previous comments  in that the ending was a little open.

I'm guessing the struggle was overwhelmed the character but I feel if you'd written a concrete ending instead of leaving it up to the player the impact would be a lot more.

Overall though I enjoyed it, quick to complete with a bow.

Lovely game you've created here, it was a challenge finding those fuel canisters which I enjoyed it really added to the fear of the game, running from the mananagal and now also worrying I'd run out of batteries.

 The rock tables (without giving it away) were pretty awesome too, they felt right at place and helped to weave a story without it feeling boring or forced.

Thoroughly enjoyed playing your digital child.

Good work.


What a game!

The graphics are smooth as hell and an absolute pleasure to look at, good eye feel. I loved this game so much I played it again straight after, somehow you've managed to harness the powers of addiction and inject them into your virtual baby.

I seriously CAN NOT wait for the full release.

I never thought of the comparison with Little shop of horror but now that you mention it, it does give of that kinda vibe. 

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Nice work man, novel games can be difficult to pull off in my experience but with Withered I'd say you've done it!

Of course there's reading as you'd expect but it's exciting and engaging plus SWEAR WORDS, I never once felt bored about to switch off; I was in 100%. Definitely worth a play through. 

To sum up my experience in 5 words...

I did not expect that.


I don't usually play this type of game but your art really caught my attention so I gave it a go.

The look and feel of the game  made me feel like this was more of a serious horror than a load noise jump scare kind of game which isn't a negative, but the amount of reading involved made this feel like a book instead of an interactive experience however I know this is a demo so take that criticism with a pinch of salt I'm sure you're working on adding more elements in later versions and when you release them I'll happy play again.

Although like I said this felt like a book the art is amazing and the amount of work you must have put into the script tells me you really care about this game which I applaud.

Keep up the good work.

Thanks for making this, I enjoyed the play through, I found it easy to grasp and at no point did I feel relaxed which for a horror game is good.

The sound affects are done perfectly, creepy, atmospheric, straight up spook, the lighting was I felt was good it gave an authentic look to the oil lanterns but I do think a gamma level adjuster would nice, some times I got spooked but couldn't see what was causing it.

Overall great job and I look forward to playing the next chapters.

Man this game, I never knew you could pack that much fear into 3 floors my god.

You got me with jumps, fake outs and terrifying noises, the trifecta but for real The Free Writer I don't know what it was but play this is just felt like a proper horror game, this was a terrifying glove and it fit perfectly.

You've created a pure baby of fear and you should be very proud.

Thank you for making this.

I like what you've created here, it doesn't feel like an indie game nor a demo, it's plays like an atmospheric horror which I enjoy and with the addition of puzzles you had me hooked.

The occasional jump scare kept me on edge and it helped to maintain a scary atmosphere, never sure is I'm being played or an actual scare is coming.

I didn't realise until after playing but you created a pretty wicked HUD too.

All in all your game was a pleasure to play and it made me sweat more than the average gym session.

Awesome work mate highly addictive,  usually search and collect game can get frustrating; but you've pulled it off.

I love that multiple enemies are after you too , forces the player to move which increases the fear as you may encounter the other one, brilliant.

What I found to be simply the best was the inclusion of a save button at the start menu, pick up where you left off it really drives the addiction.

I don't remember this episode in Arthur but I felt transported back to the peak of Arthur's day.

Fantastic work.

It never felt soooooo good to be back in the classroom, that is until I realised my teacher was wielding an axe.

This incarnation of Advanced Education really pushes the scare factor, right in your wide eyed face. Seriously.

If you've played Baldi or if you haven't Victor Strobovski's school for scared mutants is well worth a play through.

I hope so, it's been my life long dream since playing your game. 

Ever wanted to experience the nightmares of dogs?

Of course the answer is YES!

Then play Just Before The Swarm its a fantastically neat little horror game that packs some real terror.