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External Pattern Importing/Exporting?

A topic by JJXB created May 14, 2018 Views: 87 Replies: 3
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e.g. tga or some sort of commonly readable uncompressed format so edits to some things can be done easier in external tools then reimported into 3DNes since the editor for patterns as is not terrible but the inability to delete a large swathe of bigger bits of pattern work without going in and using the pen/fill on tiny areas that have a lot of seperated pixels is kind of tedious where it's needed.

plus i figure that i'd be harder to add a select tool into the existing editor than to add the possibility of trying to get the patterns into an external image file, edit them with existing software ( and re-import them.

I thought of it before. The problem is nes textures have only color indexed (0->3) on actually color. We have to convert it to 4 basic colors for example black, red, green, blue while exporting and reconvert back to indexes while importing. We can see that it's not straight forward process but it's still worth the feature though.

i figured that while the color indexing might be a problem, it'd be less of a hurdle than trying to add stuff like free select/magic wand into the texture editing interface within unity.

Yeah, for big texture editing we should support import/export