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Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril

A topic by JJXB created May 14, 2018 Views: 259 Replies: 2
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3dn file

Beaten the first boss, got some way to the second but the difficulty curve of the game is making me want to throw something out of the window so i throw in the towel at the moment.

UI-wise, most UI stuff is sorted, and everything up to the point of my last savestate (BK2.sav) "should" be done. and the scripting side of things is relatively simple when compared to zelda or river city ransom so i ran into no headaches with the modifications themselves, only how difficult the game is, even on easiest.

How about that:

 Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril - Game Genie Codes

Infinite Multi Jump - TAUTOVIK

Higher Jump - XXEVSLOP

Even Higher Jump - IEUTXUNY


Enemies (including bosses) die instantly - PAENIIAA

Turbo Fire - TUVTKSGU

Turbo Fire - OXVTSIVV

(2 edits)

well then. shame that i doubt these will help as much as i'd like since the issue i'm currently running into is instant death (might have to patch ASM for that but i'll be seeing how i can do that via scripts since all of my patching of ram is tending to be via Script:WriteMem rather than patching GG codes into the roms)

Edit: FCEUX worked well for making sure i could get the codes into hex addresses at least so i'll give them a shot since the infinite jump code might be useful after all.

Edit 2: Nope, can't get the codes even going because trying to get them in via WriteMem just breaks things and i'd rather not patch my rom file.