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Sci-fi Action Roguelite. Collect DNA from enemies and mutate yourself to victory! · By monothetic

Sporeling hive room question

A topic by CybieWings created May 11, 2018 Views: 98 Replies: 1
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After collecting the Sporeling hive in one of the special rooms that fills with acid. On the way out after defeating the enemies. the "thorned doors" don't open I'm stuck there with the waypoint directing me at the door which i cant get past.

I don't know what to do here.

Edit: oh and i also lose the aiming reticule/ line whilst using mouse and keyboard



If you got stuck in the acid ocean loot dungeon it's possible an enemy was stuck in the acid preventing the arena from finishing. Not much you can do there to fix it other than diving back into the acid and trying to find it, we'll try to get it fixed in one of the upcoming patches. 

The aiming reticule should be fixed in the 1.0.3A patch as well!