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Question about PayPal processor fees & microtransaction rates

A topic by Nash High created 54 days ago Views: 68
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Most of the items I sell / plan to sell on here are in the $1-5 range or pay-what-you-want. I was looking at the PayPal transaction fees the other day, and I realized their fixed fee really cuts into this quite a lot for purchases with such a small price. For several transactions, I've ended up giving PayPal more than 50%.

Reading up, I saw where PayPal has a micropayments pricing option, but I would have to apply for a business account with them to get it. Before I do that, I wanted to check--are the PayPal transaction fees we're charged on itch based on the terms of our own connected PayPal accounts, or are they based on an account itch has with PayPal & then passed along to us? Namely, if I go through the effort of setting up a PayPal business account & applying for microtransaction rates, is that even going to affect my sales?


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